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Volume 3, Issue 9

Cope with Fear of Public Speaking

Leaders can take the stress out of a presentation by researching their audience prior to the event, says a communications specialist.

Janine Popick, chief executive of a marketing firm, recently shared with Inc. tips for combating a fear of public speaking. They include:

  • Know your audience. "If you're asked to give a presentation, the most important information you should get ahead of time is about your audience [members]," she says. "What's their background, how technical are they, what industries or companies do they come from? ... By doing this, your presentation, regardless of any nerves you may be feeling, has a better chance of resonating and adding value for your audience [members], and they will appreciate you for it."
  • Appreciate your expertise. "Remember, people are attending your presentation to learn something," Popick says. "And you know your stuff or you wouldn't be up there."
  • Properly prepare. "[Spend] time practicing and rehearsing your presentation," she says. "Find a quiet place and do as many dry runs as you need to. Then find someone willing to listen and provide you constructive criticism ... By feeling prepared, you can lessen the factors that will make your nerves feel frazzled come showtime."
  • Have fun. "No matter how nervous you feel... it's important to remember to let yourself have some fun and allow your personality to shine through," Popick says.

This article is from the Aug. 26, 2013 issue.

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