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Volume 2, Issue 41

Showing the Value of Marketing and Communication

Marketing and communications professionals must prove their worth when working with academic and institutional leaders, says an advancement expert.

"Somehow other people think the solution to a visibility problem ... is always more communication," writes Larry Lauer, author of the CASE book Learning to Love the Politics: How to Develop Institutional Support for Advancement. "Someone else, they think, is responsible for not giving them enough attention ... and of course they always know exactly what that someone should do. They can't fully embrace marketing and communication as a complex profession."

Lauer, who is vice chancellor of government affairs at Texas Christian University, notes that the only way to overcome this barrier is by educating colleagues and generating a "track record of successful interactive collaboration over time."

"Marketing and communication professionals must demonstrate that before we write a press release or brochure or manage an event, we all need to sit down and imagine what a comprehensive plan will look like," he writes. "This is the necessary process through which program people come to see just how powerful integrated approaches to marketing can be and just how professional the people are who implement them."

This article is from the April 22, 2013 issue.

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