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Volume 1, Issue 40

Great Visuals Make a Great Presentation

People respond better to visuals than the spoken word alone, say communications experts. Still, they warn that not all visuals enhance a presentation.

The Harvard Business Review recently published some tips on this topic from the authors of its Guide to Persuasive Presentations. The experts offered the following suggestions to create visual aids that will help managers' presentations have more impact and engage audiences:

  • Keep them simple. "If your audience can't understand the visual within 30 seconds, remove it," the authors write.
  • Don't get too artistic. "Only use graphics and icons to reinforce key concepts," the authors note. "Don't try to pretty up the presentation with irrelevant pictures."
  • Edit heavily. "Each slide or handout sheet should only convey one concept," the authors add. "Include no more than six lines of text or else it's no longer a visual."

This article is from the April 16, 2012 issue.

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