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Volume 7, Issue 16

How to Make Impactful and Memorable Presentations

Can you remember the details of the last presentation you attended? If not, there's a chance that it lacked a strong and memorable message, writes one content strategist.

Even expert presenters need to consistently work on their presentation skills, writes Gabrielle Reed, a content strategist at the presentation consultancy firm Ethos3. And even then, “only 50% of our [presenters] actually succeed at creating a durable and impactful message,” writes Reed.

Reed provides three ways to best develop a presentation’s messaging and increase audience engagement:

Thematic Foundation. Ground your presentation message in a universal concept to appeal to a diverse audience. By using easily recognized and understood images and ideas in your presentation, you help your audience identify and more easily follow your messaging, she writes.

Actionable Insights. Details are valuable. They provide insight into presentation topics and give an audience something to engage, think about and remember.

Application Reasoning. The most successful, impactful presentations end on compelling call to actions. Not only do these presentations tell an audience what to do next, but they provide a reason for why they should follow up. According to Reed, 94 percent of an audience will act on a call if a presenter uses the word “because” in their presentations. “The more clearly you can make your reasoning,” Reed writes, “the more positive of response rates you will receive.”

This article is from the Advancement Weekly, April 10, 2017 issue.

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