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Now You’re Speaking My Language
Now You’re Speaking My Language

Crowdsourced glossary helps international fundraisers share terms that could translate

By Selene San Felice

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You're a U.S. prospect researcher looking up fundraising records for a higher ed institution in Indonesia. You don't read Indonesian. Google translate has about 20 different translations for give and donate in Indonesian, but the differences in their meanings are confusing and could lead you to make a mistake.

There's a solution: The International Prospect Research Vocabulary site, created in 2013 specifically for international fundraisers. Developed by Amelia Aldred, a prospect researcher at the University of Chicago, the crowdsourced site includes translations for fundraising terms in 11 languages. Aldred collaborated with prospect researchers around the world to produce the site, and you can help too. Click on the site's "About this Project" tab for instructions.

"When I created the website, I made a page for every language that came up in my research," Aldred says. "In prospect research, especially international prospect research, it's impossible for any one researcher to know everything, so it's important to build shared resources." 

About the Author Selene San Felice

Selene San Felice is a Currents 2017 editorial intern.




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