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Editor's Note: Are Your Currents Piling Up?
Editor's Note: Are Your Currents Piling Up?

A change in frequency—reader requested, CASE approved

By Toni Coleman

Interim Editor in Chief, Toni Coleman...before we went to six issues. (Daniel Peck Photography)

Here’s some reader feedback, with responses from your trusty interim editor in chief:

“Overall, I think the magazine is very well done.” That’s what we like to hear.

“The writing, particularly, is great.” Keep going.

“Each issue is so packed with content, and the stories are so long, however, that the magazine usually ends up at the bottom of the pile for ‘when I have time.’?” Hmmm.

“I think that Currents is a great magazine. I just don’t have time to read it anymore.” You too? That’s not good. Comments like these are part of the reason Currents is now bimonthly. In fact, in our recent readership survey, 60 percent of you said you wanted to receive Currents six times a year instead of nine. Starting with this issue, you’ll have more time between print magazines to consume all the high-quality content on advancement trends, challenges, and innovative ideas you’ve come to expect.

“I think shorter, easier-to-digest articles would increase my readership.” We certainly hope so. In addition to the shorter columns we introduced with our July/August 2016 redesign—Voices, Talking Shop, and Copy and Share Everything—we’ll run shorter feature stories alongside our more in-depth pieces. Be sure to check out our first single-spread feature on mitigating the impact of gift officer turnover, “Relationship Status,” by Ronald Schiller.

“I’d like to see shorter articles and maybe a longer article online if you wanted to get deeper on the topic.” I’m so glad you mentioned digital publishing. Be sure to download our new app to your mobile device: Get it on iTunes or get it on Google Play. You can access everything you see in the magazine—in your copious free time on the commuter train, at the barber shop, or giving blood (the precedent has been set)—plus a lot more.

The app allows us to be more responsive to current events and more whimsical. See our Generational Giving Quiz in the December app issue and a Valentine’s Day–related collection of our favorite advancement ideas in the January/February app version.

“I really love the magazine, as I always find useful information. My only problem is …” Keep talking—share your feedback at—we’re listening. 

About the Author Toni Coleman

Toni Coleman is the interim editor in chief of Currents.




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