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When One Wrong Makes a Right
When One Wrong Makes a Right

By Laura Daily

(Ticket photo) omendrive/iStock/Thinkstock

The Scheme: An Australian LGBT advocacy group, Minus 18, organized the Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal. Attendees could dress and act however they wanted and bring whomever they wanted. When it heard about the dance, the anti-gay Stop Safe Schools Coalition cooked up a plan. The group, which fights gender and sexuality inclusiveness policies in Australian schools, begged its members to buy all the nonrefundable tickets to prevent LGBT kids from attending the party.

The Big Oops: Always read the fine print. Minus 18 was crowdfunding the $40 tickets so teens who couldn't afford them could still attend. So the anti-gay group spent thousands of dollars ensuring hundreds of young people could party for free. The organizers even moved the dance to a larger venue, according to Oh, karma.

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About the Author Laura Daily

Laura Daily is a journalist based in Denver, Colorado. She co-founded the personal finance website Living on the Cheap and publishes the site Mile High on the Cheap.




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