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Leading by Example
Leading by Example

Student leaders give up half their pay to launch student philanthropy effort

By Laura Daily

Pictured, from left, 2015-16 Mister NCCU Omari Collins, SGA President Olivia Robinson, SGA Vice President Alesha Holland, and Miss NCCU Kourtney Daniel-Robinson (Photo courtesy of North Carolina Central University)

It's a cool idea for a campaign: "I Love My 1910" encouraged all students at North Carolina Central University to give $19.10 in honor of the school's founding date.

But this is even cooler: Leading by example, the Student Government Association president and vice president, along with school ambassadors Mr. and Miss NCCU, collectively gave $1,910. That's about half of their modest stipends ($150 to $200 per month) for service.

"Instilling in students the power of philanthropy and the role they play before they graduate is critical," says Anita Walton, assistant vice chancellor for student affairs. "To have student giving initiated and led by students is ideal."

The foursome oversaw the February 2016 Student Philanthropy Day, which featured music, giveaways, and testimonials. They also promoted giving throughout the spring semester by using e-blasts and garnering campus newspaper coverage. Photos of student donors were posted on social media channels. The goal? To raise $10,000 from 10 percent of the student body (about 800 students). By commencement, student leaders secured $5,173 from 186 of their peers and laid the groundwork for a new tradition.

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About the Author Laura Daily

Laura Daily is a journalist based in Denver, Colorado. She co-founded the personal finance website Living on the Cheap and publishes the site Mile High on the Cheap.




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