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Happy Campers
Happy Campers

Reliving college years with the grandkids in tow brings alumni back to campus

By Laura Daily

A Central Michigan University alumna helps her grandchild build a basket for the egg drop competition during Grandparents U (Photo credit: Claire Abendroth/Central Michigan University).

Grandkids could be the secret weapon for getting alumni back to a rural campus. Each June, Central Michigan University hosts Grandparents U, a three-day residential summer camp for more than 250 alumni and their grandchildren, ages 8 to 12. During the day, they attend classes together, and in the evenings, they visit the Student Activity Center, take in a movie, or enjoy quality family time.

CMU faculty and staff volunteer to teach 40 courses. Designed to be kid-friendly but engage grown-ups, the 90-minute classes range from Mind-Blowing Psychology Experiments to Kids, Lemonade and Lawns: Starting Your First Summer Business. Participants list their top 10 choices during enrollment and get assigned five. Campus police teach one of the most popular classes: Do You Want to Investigate Crimes and Keep People Safe? Taking fingerprints and blaring sirens are way cool.

At $150 per adult and $125 per child, the institution charges enough to break even. "It's not about making a profit but a way to engage with alumni who might not have been back to campus in 30 years," says Annie Sanders, associate director of alumni relations. The program also boosts giving. About 5 percent of alumni give to CMU, while 65 percent of Grandparents U attendees are donors, and 45 percent became donors after attending the camp. Marketing is minimal, with word-of-mouth information and a Facebook page replacing costlier mailings. As they check out of their dorms, many grads ask, "When does enrollment open for next year?"

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About the Author Laura Daily

Laura Daily is a journalist based in Denver, Colorado. She co-founded the personal finance website Living on the Cheap and publishes the site Mile High on the Cheap.




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