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Cover of November 2015 issue of CURRENTS
November 2015

Editorial Decisions
10 Sacred Cows of Alumni Magazines (And Why You Should Rid Your Pages of Them)

A longtime editor reveals his list of wrongfully revered and oft-repeated publication practices, departments, features, and philosophies (and editors of several award-winning college and university magazines agree with him—with one exception)

Features Boot Campus

Millions of service members worldwide are expected to transition out of the military by 2020. Is your institution prepared to welcome, engage, and retain them?

The 60 Smartest Things You’ll Ever Hear About Fundraising

Why you didn’t get the gift and other insights from 40 years of fundraising

Columns Outlook: When Gifts Come In Like Clockwork

How regular giving leads to extraordinary annual fund results

Office Space: Solving Survey Fatigue

An alumni research panel can improve data collection and build affinity