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A Nontraditional Event That Gets Results

By Tara Laskowski

Marquette University doesn't have a football team or a strong history of homecomings. So in 1992, the Wisconsin institution founded National Marquette Day, a virtual homecoming that would capitalize on the popularity of the Marquette men's basketball team and create a global buzz. In addition to contests and special events leading up to and during the home game, Marquette fans host viewing parties and post photos and memories on social networks.

Number who participated in 2014: 22,354

Number of watch sites: 100, including locations around the world and near campus (such as the basketball arena)

Virtual reach:

  • 925,486 impressions to the Marquette University Alumni Association Facebook page occurred during the promotion period of National Marquette Day (a three-week span), which is 13 times more than the page's average impressions in a month.
  • 24,040 people saw the I Am Marquette National Marquette Day graphic on MUAA's Facebook page, and it was shared 512 times.
  • 15,479 people viewed the National Marquette Day website.

Giving: In 2014, National Marquette Day efforts raised nearly $70,000.

National Marquette Day photos

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About the Author Tara Laskowski

Tara Laskowski is a former senior editor for Currents.




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