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How to Host the Best Homecoming Ever
How to Host the Best Homecoming Ever

By Tara Laskowski

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Are your homecoming events getting stale? Do your traditions generate snoozing rather than spirit? Maybe it's time to inject new life into the old schedule with offerings that help communities, boost careers, and pump up your alumni. CURRENTS has collected some of America's best and weirdest traditions, along with little-known facts about homecoming's history (including the cow that served as homecoming queen).

The Origins of Homecoming

Great Moments in Homecoming History

Advice from the Experts

Nontraditional Events

Traditions with a Twist

A Cool Way to Celebrate

Tailgating isn't Just for Parking Lots

Homecoming: Just What the Doctor Prescribed

A Nontraditional Event That Gets Results

Come on Baby, Light My...

The Beat Goes on. And on. And on.

About the Author Tara Laskowski

Tara Laskowski is a former senior editor for Currents.




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