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Education Makes Cents
Education Makes Cents

By Kristin Simonetti

Richard Siemens, University of Alberta

If University of Alberta alumni established their own province, its collective economic output would dwarf the gross domestic product of the entire province of Alberta—by more than $40 billion.

That statistic is among the results of the Canadian university's inaugural alumni impact survey, published last September. Modeled on similar studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California's Stanford University, and China's Tsinghua University, the UAlberta survey illustrates how the institution's graduates benefit the citizenry. It's one of the first such studies completed in Canada; the University of Waterloo issued a similar report in October.

"Our president has said every university should take on a project like this," says Robert Moyles, senior director of advancement strategic communications at UAlberta. "It's critical evidence for conversations about the value of postsecondary education."

These are a few numbers revealed in the survey:

  • $348.5 billion: Annual revenue generated by all UAlberta alumni, more than Alberta's annual GDP of $306.7 billion
  • 70,258: Nonprofit organizations and companies founded by UAlberta graduates
  • 1 in 5: Number of Albertans who work for organizations with roots to UAlberta
  • 390,221: Alberta jobs created by alumni-founded companies

About the Author Kristin Simonetti

Kristin Simonetti is a former senior editor for CURRENTS.




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