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Big Question

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If you could cut anything from your institution's magazine—without having to deal with campus politics—what would it be?

"Alumni events calendar—it made sense before the Internet, not so much anymore."

Steven Saum
Editor, Santa Clara Magazine
Santa Clara University, Calif.


"Stories on the admissions process. Ugh. Perhaps there is some long pent-up demand to know exactly how all this works? I have not seen it in our surveys. And I sure as heck don't want to read about it. Also, stories on our newest Rolls-Royce of residence palaces. My alma mater will not get one thin dime from me because of this (and yes, I used to give, and I do give to other colleges, including my graduate school). It is obscene."

Ann Mary Quarandillo
Director of Marketing Communications
College of Forestry
Oregon State University


"Undoubtedly class notes. They are always out of date, hard to get, and take up huge real estate. But cutting them is pretty much impossible, especially for our older alumni."

An anonymous vice president for advancement


"Donor profiles. Every reader survey I have ever seen tells the same tale: Nobody reads them. And extensive commencement coverage. It's news that you've graduated a new batch of kids? I just don't get it. Publish a few nice photos, and call it a day."

Dale Keiger
Associate Editor, Johns Hopkins Magazine
Johns Hopkins University, Maryland

Note: Keiger is the author of the UMagazinology blog post that inspired this question.




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