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Big Question

Should a Give or Donate button appear on a university’s home page?

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"Absolutely! We should boldly and confidently ask people to support the good work of our institutions."

Pamela K. Pepper

Director of Development Operations and

Director of Annual Fund Programs

Drake University, Iowa

"Giving button—yes—on the main giving page. Not on the university's home page. Our main website serves a broad audience, and while we work to make it easy for visitors to find the department/program they're looking for in a few clicks, it often means that your cause may hide behind a broad departmental button or link. 

We promote giving campaigns but are cautious to not present too much content that makes an ask so we don't turn off visitors searching for news, events, and programming details. It's a balancing act."

Melinda Brasher

Associate Vice President of University Communications

Concordia University Texas

"Absolutely! Why not make it easier for online donors to support the institution? Ease/intuitiveness of use is key."

Cathy Morrison

Dean of Communications

Lake Forest Academy, Illinois

"Louisiana state funding for higher education has been cut by over $1 billion since 2008, so donations from alumni, friends, and supporters are essential. A Give to ULM button on the home page provides one-click access to donate.

It also makes it easy for development, alumni, faculty, or staff to say, ‘You can support ULM financially by going to and clicking on the Give to ULM button.' "

Lindsey S. Wilkerson

Director of Special Projects

University of Louisiana at Monroe

"Having an online giving button on the university or institution's home page is integral. That's the most visited page for an institution, and putting this button in a prominent place shows that fundraising is essential to the university's overarching mission and aims."

David J. Smith

Gift Planning Stewardship Specialist

LDS Philanthropies, Provo, Utah

"No. The home page is a gateway to the content that the visitor is seeking. That gives you just a few seconds to share your branding and your messaging. A Give Now button sends the message that getting the visitor's money is a university priority, above research, above education.

Instead, the home page should contain a link to a giving page with information about giving opportunities. People who come to your website with the intent of giving will find it."

Ross French

Senior Public Information Officer

University of California, Riverside

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