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CURRENTS February 1999
February 1999

Major Gifts From New Prospects
The Hidden Philanthropists

Realize the full potential of women's giving with gender-sensitive cultivation and solicitation strategies

The Young and the Restless

Alumni in their 20s, 30s, and 40s can be an untapped source of major gifts for your campus, but they may not sit still for the usual appeals.

Features Step up to the Mike

Media training not only prepares your professors for talking to reporters — it can also add more credibility to your PR efforts

A Jury of Their Peers

Let focus groups of high school students be the true judge of your recruitment publications

Columns Manager's Portfolio: Please Don't Go

When a top employee suddenly resigns, don't take it sitting down. Use these nine steps to make your last stand

Write-Minded: In Time of Sorrow

When a campus benefactor dies, don't be at a loss for words