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CASE in Africa

CASE in Africa

CASE has worked in Africa since 2003, primarily with support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, to introduce advancement to educational institutions across the continent. Carnegie's mandate for Africa has been to assist universities in building an internal infrastructure for raising funds to cope with increasing costs and declining government support.

Activities in Africa have ranged from workshops for university leaders to annual educational conferences, online training and a targeted training package for universities selected by Carnegie. During a 13-year period, advancement practitioners from North America and Europe have shared best practices with African colleagues, who in turn have shared African experiences and perspectives.

More than 1,000 participants from 125 universities in 12 African countries have participated in 11 annual conferences in Africa. Over the past decade, more than 40 African schools and universities from across the continent have joined CASE as member organizations, with the strongest representation from South Africa and Nigeria. Other members are from Botswana, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, and Tanzania. Today there is an emerging group of African advancement leaders prepared to support the growth of quality education across the continent.

Carnegie's final grant to CASE ended in December 2016. CASE is committed to continuing its work in Africa by assisting those working in alumni relations, fundraising, marketing and communications to help education flourish on the continent.

In line with its strategic plan "Reimagining CASE 2017-2021", CASE is seeking new partnerships and strategic relationships to continue its work in Africa.

For further information on CASE programs in Africa, please contact and visit the CASE Africa community.