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2014 Participant Activities

2014 Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day Activities

Abertay University

On SEP Day we will be launching two projects. The first is “Put on a Smile and Say Thanks!” – we will have a photobooth with props set up in our foyer, where we will be asking students to take a photo and write a note to say thanks to those that have helped them through their time at university, including prizewinners and scholarship students as well as the general student population. The images produced on the day will be shared on our social media channels and website as well as with our donors and supporters. The second project will be the launch of a philanthropic tagging map of the campus which will be built upon throughout the year.

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Abilene Christian University Student Alumni Association

Abilene Christian University's SAA is calling for an "I Love ACU" Day on Thursday, Feb. 27. Our students will be encouraged to stop by one of three tables located at main campus locations to tell us why they love ACU or why they are thankful for ACU. We will be collecting those 'love notes' on purple Post-it notes and hanging them on the windows of our campus center. Alumni will also be able to join in through social media by using the hashtag #iloveacu. Those 'love notes' will be added to the others hanging in the campus center. We will use the notes to create a thank you video for our donors. Without their donation to the university none of these 'loved' things would be possible. 

albertus magnus
Albertus Magnus College Student Alumni Association

Albertus SAA will host "Get the Scoop on Philanthropy," a frozen yogurt-themed social and educational event. The vice president of advancement will be our guest speaker to help educate students about what alumni gifts mean to the college, and help students learn more about college donors and why they give. Postcards and cards will be available for students to write thank you notes to donors.

Auburn University Student Alumni Association

During the month of February, Auburn University SAA will educate the student body on the impact that donors have on student scholarships. Students that have received the scholarship may volunteer to share how it has changed their Auburn experience. 

Augustana SKOL
Augustana College SKOL/Advancement Ambassadors

Augustana College will hold a "Love a Donor" event Feb. 5-6. The goal is to educate the campus community about the importance of philanthropy and to show appreciation to Augustana's generous donors through a thank you note-writing campaign. All students will be invited to write thank you notes that will be mailed to donors in time for Valentine's Day.  Visit the Love a Donor site for details.

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Binghamton University

Binghamton University will hold its first-ever Tag Day event on Feb. 27. The goal of the day is to create awareness of what donors have made possible by making their gifts visible to the campus community.

Bradley Ambassadors
Bradley University Student Ambassadors

The Bradley Ambassadors will be hosting a scavenger hunt. Teams must make a donation to our Students Helping Students Campaign in order to enter. They will be given clues about buildings and locations on campus that are as a result of alumni donations. They will have to snap photos of their team at the location and submit it via Twitter/and Facebook to get the next clue. It will be a week long activity with the finals taking place on Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day.

bryant logo
Bryant University Student Alumni Association

Tupper's Birthday Party and Cupcake Contest is a new addition to our SEP Day activities! We are inviting student clubs and organizations to help celebrate our bulldog mascot's birthday with a birthday cupcake contest. In addition, we will continue our activities from other years, such as the senior class gift announcement, signing donor thank you cards and filming student testimonials thanking donors. This all takes place in the central hub of our campus that all students pass through on their way to classes.

Butler University Student Foundation

The Butler University Student Foundation will co-host PhAD (Philanthropy Awareness Day) with the Office of Annual Giving on Feb. 27. The purpose of the day is to both educate the student population on the importance of giving and thank current donors who support the University.

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Cabrini College Traditions Student Alumni Association

We are hosting a thank-a-thon on campus. Each student will be asked to sign five thank you letters in return for a free T-shirt. We hope this will create awareness within our student body and in turn thank our donors.

cal poly reps
California Polytechnic State University Poly Reps

Three days of showing your love for Cal Poly: The kickoff is Tues, Feb. 25 with the "I <3 Faculty and Staff" event, where students will write notes of appreciation to their favorite faculty and staff. These will be delivered on SEP Day. On Feb. 26, we'll host "I <3 Cal Poly," where students and alumni (via social media) will write their notes of appreciation and love for Cal Poly. And on Feb. 27 will be "I <3 Donors and Friends," where students will write notes of appreciation to donors that will be forwarded (and shared via social media). Notes to faculty and staff will be delivered. 

Carson Newman University Student Ambassador Association

The primary purpose of You Make the Difference Day at Carson-Newman University is to provide donor outreach and stewardship while educating our student body about the importance of philanthropy. The Student Ambassador Association will be leading our efforts by visiting local and regional donors, initiating a letter-writing campaign/photo booth collage and calling alumni and donors to thank them for their support to our university.

Additionally, our website will feature our student engagement campaign with the logo "You Make the Difference: Thanks for putting our students first!" The video will share student testimonies about how Carson-Newman has affected them as well as their appreciation to our donors.

Cedar Crest
Cedar Crest College

Cedar Crest College will launch its Senior Challenge on Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day.

Cleveland State University Student Alumni Association

The Cleveland State University Student Alumni Association will host "Tomorrow Made Possible," its version of a tuition-runs-out day. Students will receive snacks and prizes in exchange for signing thank you cards to donors, posing for thank you pictures and answering trivia questions about donors that make each day possible at CSU. In addition, tags with information about donors and philanthropy will be posted around campus.

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colby college
Colby College Student Alumni Association and Senior Pledge

Colby will be hosting "Giving Day," a day for students to reflect on their experiences and give thanks for the generous alumni donations that make the Colby education possible. We will have "thank a donor" tabling, an alumni panel on philanthropy and a networking event between students and alumni.

College of St. Elizabeth

On Thurs. Feb. 27, the College of Saint Elizabeth will be celebrating Student Philanthropy Day with a "Thanksgiving Day" meal; student signing thank you notes to donors; FAQ tri-fold hand out and questionnaire on CSE Annual Fund and Philanthropy; alumna sponsored ice cream sundae bar and videotaping area for students to thank donors on camera and talk about what they learned about the Annual Fund and Philanthropy. Also, we are collaborating PNC Bank who will provide piggy banks as a giveaway for each student. Students will return the change in their banks on May 1st in support of the 2014 annual fund.

College of William and Mary

To raise awareness and to broadly promote student philanthropic engagement on our campus, the Development Ambassadors at the College of William & Mary are hosting our annual Student Philanthropy Week. This weeklong event is packed with events, all of which center on educating students about the importance of private giving and encouraging students to donate before they are alumni. Some of our events include: a weeklong “Giving War” among our social classes, a spin wheel with questions quizzing students on their knowledge of development at the College and a raffle for students to win an assortment of prizes. Student Philanthropy Week concludes with a banquet, at which we will have speakers to talk about philanthropy, announce winners of the Giving War, the raffle, and have two prominent a Cappella groups perform. 

dignitaries logo
Colorado School of Mines DigNITARIES

We will be cultivating a culture of philanthropy and encouraging students to show their Mines pride through a video contest and social media campaign leading up to Feb. 27. On that day, students can stop by the Student Center to enjoy cookies with one-third missing (to represent the portion of their education comprised of outside support) and take photos in the photobooth with signs that show their pride in Mines.

Colorado State University Presidential Ambassadors

Colorado State University’s National Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day included a social media blitz that reached students, faculty and staff across campus and the Fort Collins, Colorado community. On this day we highlighted ways that Presidential Ambassadors have given their time, talent and treasure back to CSU and asked others how they give back. Using the hashtags #CSUGives and #StudentEngageDay, we were able to round up some more interest surrounding philanthropy. We created a video clip that demonstrates the large effect a small action can have. National Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day was a great way for us to bridge the time-gap between Gratitude Day in the fall, where we cultivate a feeling of gratitude in students for private giving, and Tuition Runs Out day later in the spring, where we educate students about the impact of private giving on our bottom line.

Daemen College
Daemen College

Students will gather to thank more than 500 Daemen College donors in a celebration of philanthropy.

Elgin Community College

Elgin Community College will be providing a thank you booth where students can write thank you notes to people who have inspired them or have had an impact on their educational journey. There will be an interactive session for students to attend called “5 Best Tips in Philanthropy” where we provide a light lunch, special magnets for the first 50 who register, and door prize drawings at the end of the session.

Fairfield SAA
Fairfield Stags Give Back
Fairfield University SAA and Stags Give Back

Student Engagement & Philanthropy will be a day of Stag Pride on Fairfield's campus! Students will have the opportunity to sign a special "Once A Stag, Always A Stag" Banner. It's their opportunity to sign their name, leave a message, or both—showing their thanks to all of the Stags who came before them and whose generosity has helped make their college experience unforgettable. The banner will be displayed at Reunion Weekend in June in front of 1,200+ alumni and at various events throughout the upcoming year.

On Feb. 27, signs will be posted around campus at various locations showing the impact that alumni and student giving has directly on that specific building and/or area of campus, helping to show students the real-time impact that giving back has on campus on a daily basis.

During the day, students and alumni will also once again be encouraged to share what they love about Fairfield by sending a tweet or posting a photo on Instagram to @FairfieldSAA and/or @StagsAlumni using #ILoveFairfield. We’ll retweet and re-gram our favorites!

All students who participate during the day will receive special "Stag Swag" by checking in at the Barone Campus Center with the SAA and Stags Give Back members. Seniors will also have the opportunity to make their Senior Class Gift donation—when better than on a day that's all about the importance of giving back!

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Ferris State U
Ferris State University Student Alumni Gold Club

Members of our club are meeting with 25 other registered student organizations to explain Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day, and ask for nominations for two people at the university that have exhibited the true meaning of philanthropy. They have paired up with our annual fund director, who will be sponsoring a small gift to be delivered to these people on SEP Day.

Once again, SAGC will write thank you cards on special stationery with key points laid out by the nominating RSOs. On SEP Day, all members of SAGC will deliver the card and gift while tweeting and uploading photos to our alumni association Facebook page.

Florida Atlantic University Student Alumni Association

Florida Atlantic University Student Alumni Association and Ambassadors will encourage students to embrace their university and love it just as much as they do during 2014's Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day. Members will distribute buttons throughout campus and ask student why they love FAU. Buttons will include various sayings like as "Hoot if you love FAU," "Protecting the burrow since 1961" and "I'll OWLways love FAU!"

While distributing buttons students will be encouraged to share pictures and reasons why they love FAU on all social media outlets by using the FAU SAA hashtag, #SAALOVE .FAU SAA encourages all groups participating in SEP to use this hashtag and share why they love their own University.

F&M logo
Franklin & Marshall University

The Blue and White Society, Senior Campaign and Alumni Leaders of Tomorrow will come together to put on TAG F&M, a daylong event that will provide the community with an opportunity to acknowledge and thank donors and community members for their engagement and support of the college mission.

Alumni, students and all members of the community will be invited to sign a larger-than-life thank you card and write their own notes of appreciation to people who made an impact on their lives at F&M. An evening program in the student center will feature the student a capella groups and dance performances. 

Georgia State University Student Alumni Association

Donuts for Donors! Philanthropy is still a fresh topic to the students of Georgia State University and many are unaware of how much giving back to your campus is very important in advancing your degree. The purpose of our event is to make students more aware of the philanthropic efforts here at GSU. We are partnering with our Annual Giving Programs Office and Student Philanthropy Council to host a donor thank you card signing, in which student can receive free donuts and coffee in exchange for signing a donor thank you card. We will also have our Office of Civic Engagement and Scholarship Resource Center present to discuss their opportunities and how giving back to the university helps to support their efforts in ensuring student success.

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Georgian Court University
Georgian Court University Student Alumni Association

Georgian Court University will participate for the first time in Student Engagement & Philanthropy Day. This is the first event organized by the newly chartered Student Alumni Association. The day will focus on educating students about the donations, endowments and gifts the university receives and how the monetary commitment of our donors allows GCU students their education. We will give the students an opportunity to say thank you to the University's donors. We are asking students to wear their blue and gold and take photos with our mascot, Roary the Lion, while holding "thank you" signs. We will then share the photos with our donors on social media with messages of thanks. Lastly, we will provide the opportunity for the students to give back to their school by participating in a penny wars. Money raised will be donated to the Georgian Court University Annual Fund.

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Hamline University Student Alumni Board

The SAB is using Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day as a springboard for a week of activities called #foreverapiper, an alumni appreciation week. Activities include Alumni Trivia Tuesday, Alumni Throwback Thursday, thank you video recordings and a thank you postcard signing.

Heidelberg University Student Alumni Association

We will be doing our second annual TAG Day, tagging buildings, landmarks, signs, gardens, benches, faculty, staff and students with "I'm here because of donors." We hope to interview donors who support Heidelberg about why they are philanthropic and use these video messages to educate our students. We'll also have students signing thank you cards for all of our donors.

Hocking College Foundation
Hocking College Foundation

We call our event a Smile-a-Thon, with the idea of making someone smile. Hocking College Foundation will encourage students, faculty and staff to donate $1 to the student emergency fund and receive a happy-face thank you note. They will use the thank you note to acknowledge faculty or staff person who has helped them succeed at Hocking College. We will post the notes on our student center walls, and then deliver the notes to the person who was thanked.

Food will be served throughout the day by our culinary and baking programs, including happy face cupcakes and cookies. We will have happy-face banners in well-traveled areas throughout the week for students to sign—pledging to engage in random acts of kindness for one week. Happy-face balloons will be prominent, and we will give away happy-face themed items. Last year we raised $650 and this year our goal is $750.

Illinois Institute of Technology

We're posting indoor and outdoor signs across campus to recognize philanthropy, including messaging about our campaign and past years of contributions from the Student Gift Campaign. We're hosting a "thank-a-thon" during the student lunch break in which students are encouraged to sign a banner and write thank you notes to donors in exchange for cupcakes and fun prizes. Lastly, we're hosting a bowling party and social at our on campus bar complete with Illinois Tech trivia, games, and prizes.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania's IUP Ambassadors

We will host a donor thank you experience at the university library. Students, faculty, staff and administrators are all welcome. Students will be invited to fill out thank you postcards to donors, stop by our interactive photobooth and pick up an SEP Day T-shirt!

Ithaca College
Ithaca College Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow

I Love IC Week
Feb. 24 – 28, 2014
Day 1: “Random Acts of Kindness” Day
Palm cards will be given to students which say, "Have you been KIND Today?" Students are asked to give the palm cards to others that have performed a random act of kindness. Students can then turn the palm cards in for a raffle prize
Day 2: Ice Cream Social: “Get the Scoop on Philanthropy”
Held in Emerson Suites, this event will educate students about philanthropy at IC. Students will be directed to write thank-you cards to first time donors to the college. Then they will receive free ice cream, scooped by our “celebrity scoopers”. The scoopers will be recognized faculty, staff and students at the college. There will be a capella performances and videos during the event.
Day 3: “Did you know” lawn signs
Lawn signs will be placed around the campus displaying philanthropy facts about the college. For example, buildings or programs that have been given by alumni or friends of the college.
Day 4: 5 under 5 Alumni Panel
STAT has asked 5 young alumni from each of our schools, who have given back to IC in some way, to come back to the college to speak at a panel discussion. The purpose of this event is to educate students why it is important to give back, even if you’re only a few years out of college. In the evening, the alumni are invited to go to dinner with STAT.
Day 5: I Love IC Because
Throughout the week, there will be boxes placed in various buildings on campus. Students will be prompted to write on post-it notes, why they love IC. The notes will then be displayed on the last day in the North Foyer of the Campus Center. During this time, there will be music performances and videos that were filmed during the week.

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Ivy Tech Community College

On Feb. 26 and 27, the Student Government Association (SGA) and Campus Activities Board (CAB) coordinate thank you card signing stations at two campus locations for employees who have participated in the annual fund. Students who participate will receive an Ivy Tech flag and will be encouraged to take a photo with their flag and to share on Instagram with @ivytech, using #ivypride. The Alumni Association and Foundation will award prizes for the most creative photos.




Kansas State University

The Kansas State University Student Foundation is hosting #WhyIGive. This is a social media campaign encouraging students to tweet, post, or display why they give on social media.

Lebanon Valley College

Dutchmen Give Back will be highlighting the importance and impact of alumni and parent philanthropy to our College. Signs will be posted around campus to share stories of alumni and parent philanthropy and how their contributions have shaped Lebanon Valley College, creating a lasting impact on each and every student. Dutchmen Give Back students will also be handing out heart shaped cookies to highlight the loyalty and love of LVC donors.

Student Alumni Association will be highlighting the importance of the LVC Global Network and how students can continue to make LVC connections during their four years and beyond. Activities include a prize wheel, providing a look into potential ways for students to connect with members of the LVC Global Network, faculty/staff alumni yearbook photos and guessing game, and a video that highlights alumni and students discussing their affinity to LVC.


Linfield College Student Alumni Association

The Linfield Student Alumni Association annually hosts "Happy Birthday, Linfield." All are invited to the college's 156th birthday party by coming together in person or online (#HBDLinfield) for a celebration of Linfield's history and traditions. Cake, activities, prizes and a photobooth with the Linfield Wildcat are all a part of this year's festivities.

McMaster University

This year's event is based around the theme of "a little means a lot," illustrating that any donation, no matter the size, can make a big difference on campus and in the community. Students will be encouraged to share a bit of their time to write a thank-you card to a donor, send a tweet or deliver a personal thank you message in a video. Participants will also have a chance to win a gift card to a location of their choosing by sharing a few ideas about what new initiatives they would like to see at McMaster. Coffee and alumni swag will also be available.

Mercyhurst University

"Because You Gave, I Can Give": This is a social media event to encourage students to start a conversation and to realize the ways that they as students are able to give back to Mercyhurst University because of the generosity of donors. Students who use the Twitter event hashtag #HurstGives will be entered to win a prize from the Advancement/Alumni offices.

I received a stipend so that I could travel to New Orleans to conduct service work and help others.
I received an ROTC scholarship for my education so that I could give to our country for the next 4 years.

The event will emphasize that whether giving of money, time, skills or resources, we all can make contributions to strengthen our Mercyhurst community.

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Missouri State University R.E.A.L. Bears

R.E.A.L. Bears and our Student Association of Fundraising Professionals organization will host a table at our student union.  In addition to promoting our organizations, we will ask for students to write a thank you note on a dry erase board and post to their social media account.  We will also post to our organization and alumni association accounts and hope to use those photos in future thank you letters.  We will also ask participants to answer trivia in order to receive a coupon to our campus bookstore.  

Montclair State
Montclair State University Student Alumni Council

For Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day, we will have five tables across campus. At each table, students will be able to stop by and fill out a thank you card with their message of appreciation. We will have educational facts about alumni and philanthropy displayed around the tables. We will be entering all students who complete a thank you card into a raffle to win school gear. Students will be encouraged to use social media to spread their message of appreciation with #RedHawkDayofThanks.

Montana State
Montana State University Student Alumni Association

Montana State University Student Alumni Association will create a standing wall to give the students an opportunity to express their appreciation and gratitude toward the school and its staff. We will encourage students to take pictures of themselves with a small white board with an appreciation message. The SAA will collect these pictures and create a photomontage to share with campus. We will also use social media up to the event to promote using #MontanaStateSAA.

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Morehead State University Student Alumni Association

On Feb. 27, 2014, the Student Alumni Ambassadors at Morehead State University will be working in conjunction with the Alumni Office and the Office of Development to participate in student philanthropy day. Alumni Ambassadors will be inviting MSU's student body to take a moment and write a brief thank you note to some of our alumni donors. This task may seem simple, but it is sure to go a long way in connecting with others in the Eagle Nation.

Mount Mercy STAT (Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow)

Mount Mercy STAT will host several activities that week, including:

  • Mount Mercy Pride Monday, with giveaways for each student that wears Mount Mercy University apparel
  • Take Time to Help Tuesday: Tags are posted by students, faculty, staff and alumni on donated items around campus
  • Worship Wednesday: Refreshments are handed out after noon Mass.
  • Student Scholarship Appreciation Dinner to recognize scholarship donors. This event is made possible by Future Systems, Inc.
  • Philanthropy Friday: Students turn in their plastic piggy banks from the PIGGY Project to see how much money was raised

Nichols College Student Alumni Society

In conjunction with our week-long philanthropy event in April called The Gift of Opportunity (TGOP), we will ask students to consider making a donation to our annual fund during SEP Day. The event will be marketed on campus and through various communication channels such as social media. Stations will be set up in central locations on campus, in which students can make their gift and share their majors along with what industries interest them the most. SAS then hosts a session on professionalism for the student donors prior to being paired with an alumni volunteer. Students will be paired with alumni based on geographic location, industry, major, etc. These visits can be held on or off campus. Our mission is to continue to develop a culture of philanthropy while reinforcing the importance of networking.

Check out the postcard sent to alumni about Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day.

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nipissing logo
Nippissing University Student Ambassadors

Nipissing University plans to host a tag day and social media campaign to educate students on donations the university receives and the impact donors have on their student experience. An event will be held on Feb. 27 where students will have an opportunity to thank donors, make a donation and promote the campaign with "I love a donor" or "I gave" stickers. Images and a video clip of the student thank you messages will be shared with donors and the university community.

North Carolina Central University Pre-Alumni Club

North Carolina Central University's Pre-Alumni Club celebrated Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day by asking students to hand-write postcards to top donors. On SEP Day, more than 75 NCCU students hand-wrote 774 thank you postcards to NCCU donors while enjoying cupcakes. The theme was "saying thank you is a piece of cake!" The organization's overall goal was to write 1,910 handwritten thank you postcards to NCCU donors before the semester ended. As of May 15, approximately 1,685 postcards were written and mailed.

NDSU Bison
North Dakota State University Bison Ambassadors

Students will have booths in three campus buildings that were built with assistance from private donors. Students will hand out candy bars with information about the private funding for the buildings. They will also invite students to fill out a thank you note to a donor. Any student who writes a thank you note will be entered into a drawing for an iPad.

Northeastern SAA
Northeastern University Student Alumni Association and Senior Class Gift Drive

The Student Alumni Association will host an event on the campus quads where students can stop and complete a postcard thanking an alumnus/a for his/her donation to the university, or write a note on a Post-It that explains what they love about Northeastern and the area they support. The postcards will then be mailed to donors and the Post-Its will be hung on our student center window for the Northeastern community to see.

After the student writes a thank you card or Post-It, they will be able to take a photo with our Mascot Paws in our photobooth. The students then will be able to find their photo on our social media account and tag themselves.

ohio state
Ohio State University Student-Alumni Council

The Ohio State University Student-Alumni Council will host a thank you booth, providing students with free thank you cards to write a note of appreciation to those who have impacted their Ohio State experience, such as faculty, staff and more. The council will offer to deliver the cards to any building.

ole miss
Ole Miss Student Alumni Council

The SAC will be holding Rebel Donor Day on Feb. 26 and 27. We will write thank you notes to all sustaining life members of the Alumni Association and all new life members. The SAC will sign a large thank you banner, and then take it to the basketball game on the 26th to be signed by other Ole Miss students. We will also take the thank you banner to the Union on the 27th and have additional students sign it. Pictures will be taken of the students signing the banner throughout the day and added to the Alumni Association Facebook page and Twitter. An article will be written for the Rebel Insider (monthly blast email to alumni) and the foundation newsletter.

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Prairie View A&M University Student Development Initiative

Prairie View A&M University Student Development Initiative will host several activities:

    • Thank-A-Donor Day: Students will join together for a week to send thank you notes to alumni. This project will take place Monday, Feb. 10, so that donors will receive their Valentine thank you card before Valentine's Day.
    • Why I Give Student Giving Campaign: While hosting a celebration, recognizing the PV Stuff the Pig Dormitory Challenge, we will have video opportunities for students who gave to express how they felt about giving and winning the challenge. The video will be used for website, print and social media placement and in conjunction with the Student Philanthropy and Engagement Day.
    • Tag Day/Social Media Day: During this one week blitz, historical data will be featured on the website and social media, with a hashtag. Each day, an alumnus who has made an impact through giving to PVAMU will be highlighted. A hashtag will be created for this project to help promote and create awareness (#I<3PVAMU); Twitter (Storify) and Instagram will be the social media vehicles utilized. Students will be encouraged to take pics at locations that have been funded by alumni, while holding thank you signs, for photo ops and website placement.

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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute weR INSPIRED

weR INSPIRED celebrates the impact and inspiration of donor philanthropy on the campus of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. What inspires you? How have alumni donors inspired your education? How is philanthropy an inspiration to all of us? This year we are focusing on showcasing to the students the impact philanthropy can have.

Members of weR: The Spirit of Rensselaer Society will hand out weR INSPIRED awareness bracelets across campus. Individuals who receive awareness bracelets will get two, and will be asked to “pay it forward” by sharing the second bracelet with a friend or colleague. Faculty and staff donors will wear the bracelets throughout the day. There will be a poster campaign on campus with a ‘Q’ and ‘A’s to show students where the philanthropy comes from. Social media will also be used to allow students and alumni to talk about what truly inspires them about Rensselaer with #weRINSPIRED. 

Rhodes logo
Rhodes University (South Africa)

Rhodes University SRC will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for making the largest pair of overalls! The overalls will be laid out on the Great Field and students will be supplied with paint to write messages around the importance of philanthropy and opportunities given them through these caring donors. The wearing of white overalls decorated with purple paint is a tradition handed down from alumni, and achieving the Guinness record links past students to current students. It serves as an enormous thank you note to our alumni donors.

Seton Hall University Student Alumni Association

Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day will recognize all students and alumni who have supported Seton Hall University through their time, talent, and treasure. Throughout the day, students will write thank you cards to those who have volunteered their time or donated to the school. Prizes will be handed out to students who write the most thank you cards.

We will also have a social media contest where students will be asked to take a picture thanking an alumni or fellow student and posting it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vine with the hashtags #shuloyal and #studentengageday. Along with information tables, we will also place informational signs around the green at the center of campus that contain fun facts about how donations contributed to the construction of various campus buildings. Lastly, we will be placing small flags around the campus green to represent every person who has donated to the school, which will help communicate the importance of engagement and philanthropy.

We look forward to another successful Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day, with a goal of engaging at least 800 students.

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Seton Hill logo
Seton Hill University Student Ambassadors

The Seton Hill University Student Ambassadors will participate in Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day on Feb. 27 with their annual Thank a Donor Day. Students are invited to sign thank you postcards to donors. Students will also take part in photo and video opportunities to share their message of thanks with donors electronically and visually. The entire campus will be educated about philanthropy at Seton Hill through various social media activities and fun fact displays. 

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Slippery Rock
Slippery Rock University

The Slippery Rock University Foundation, Inc. in conjunction with the Slippery Rock University Center for Student Involvement and Leadership are collaborating to launch 1, 2, Give Me 5!, a student based fundraising initiative created in honor of Slippery Rock’s 125th anniversary. Launching on Feb. 27, 2014 and running through the entire month of March, this program allows students to work with the university’s foundation to raise funds for the groups and organizations on campus they are involved in. While raising awareness and funds for their interests on campus, we are introducing our future alumni to giving back from the heart.

Southern Illinois University Student Alumni Council

The Student Alumni Council will host tables at the SIU Student Center and Morris Library to encourage students to write cards of appreciation for alumni and friends of the University’s annual fund. The Student Alumni Council has also added “Make a Change” to the SEP program. The goal of Make a Change is to introduce students to the concept of giving to SIU. With this goal in mind, the objective is the number of students that give rather than the amount given. We will have large jars/buckets asking students to donate their change and Morris Library is the recipient of this philanthropic effort. Much effort was put into this decision between the committee and SAC, but it was finally agreed that Morris Library impacted all students on campus. 

St. John's University Student Alumni Association

The alumni relations department and Student Alumni Association at St. John's University will celebrate philanthropy awareness during "I Heart Alumni: Philanthropy Week." The week's activities include an Instagram challenge, where we'll recruit students to participate and show their love for their alumni/donors by taking pictures of anything donated by an alumni/donor on campus. SAA will distribute "I heart alumni" giveaways and Alumni Fun Facts sheets. We will also host a Thankathon in the Student Center where students will have the opportunity to write a thank you card to donors, showing their gratitude and appreciation.

SUNY Cortland
SUNY Cortland

SUNY Cortland will be celebrating this day by incorporating all of our constituents, not just the students. We will have a table on campus with a donor trivia game. This game will encourage students, faculty and staff to interact and learn facts about the impact of our donors. We will also be having a “Penny Wars” competition on this day. Each cohort class, the faculty and the staff will have jars to compete to be the most generous group. Also available at the table will be opportunities to contribute to the Senior Class Gift and the Faculty and Staff giving programs.

As a college, we are also having our first "One Day Challenge" on Feb. 27, 2014. This will be promoted on our social media sites and be used to encourage all of our constituents to participate in our challenge. Our goal is to engage our constituency groups and show them how they can make SUNY Cortland a philanthropic priority. Our hope by combining these events is to have a large participation and presence and hopefully create a day of donor education and Cortland pride.

St Ambrose
St. Ambrose University Student Alumni Association

Members of the Student Alumni Association will stage a thank-a-thon. Students will receive snacks and prizes in exchange for signing thank you cards to donors, posing for thank you pictures and answering trivia questions about donors that support St. Ambrose University through capital, endowment and annual fund gifts. A video of the event and activities will be posted on the website.

Tennessee Tech University Future Alumni Support Team

We will host an “I Love TTU Day” on campus encouraging all students and faculty to sport our beloved Purple and Gold. There will be a tent set up on our South Patio for students to write notes to their favorite faculty and staff who have made their experience at Tech a memorable one. After writing a note, students will be given an “I Love TTU” t-shirt and a pamphlet describing all of the philanthropic events at Tech and their upcoming dates.

Texas Tech University Student Alumni Board

The Student Alumni Board will pass out koozies to students on campus. The koozies will have information inside them about the Student Alumni Association, scholarship opportunities and the importance of supporting Red Raider tradition.

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Towson University

The Towson University Presidential Ambassadors have chosen to celebrate Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day by expressing their gratitude towards TU donors. They will host a table on the second floor of the University Union between 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. (when student traffic is highest) where students can stop and learn about the importance of philanthropy to their college experience and education. Students will be asked to sign a large "Thank You" banner that can be displayed at future alumni/donor events and used for other stewardship purposes. All participants will receive a SEP Day T-shirt. At the end of the event we will take large photo of all of the students in their SEP Day shirts standing around the banner to be used in future publications. We will also have all of the university's social media outlets covering the event to increase exposure.

trinity logo
Trinity University Student Ambassadors

During the month of February, Trinity University will run a joint student and faculty/staff fundraising campaign, culminating on Feb. 27 with an event called Duckapalooza. We will use the same popular tiger-striped rubber ducks from last year's SE&P event. Students, faculty and staff will be encouraged to make their gifts in honor of or in thanks to another student, faculty, or staff member. When the gift is made, they will submit the name of the honoree and a message they’d like to share with them. The recipient will then receive a “You’ve been ducked” email with the donor information, an encouragement to “Duck them back,” and information about the Duckapalooza party on the final day.

Each gift will have a duck of the corresponding number (in order of date and time made). At the Duckapalooza event, all the numbered ducks will be floating in the main campus fountain, and we will draw ducks out of the pond in order to award prizes. Thus, you make a gift in order to enter your honoree into the final prize drawings. The honoree gets to keep as many of the ducks as they received.

We will kick off the campaign on Feb. 3 with an email and video. Throughout the month, our student giving committee will host "giving tables" around campus to take gifts and promote Duckapalooza. We will also do ads in the student newspaper. Emails will be sent weekly to faculty/staff and students to encourage them to participate in the campaign. The campaign and event are co-sponsored by the Trinity University Student Ambassadors and the Office of Annual Giving Programs. 

tufts logo
Tufts University Student Fund Leadership Corps

This year, the Tufts Student Fund Leadership Corps will be hosting a thank-a-thon as part of Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day. Students will have a table in the campus center, where students can stop by and write thank you notes to donors one to 10 years out. There will be a raffle, Jumbo cookies and hot chocolate, and other giveaways. This will be a wonderful opportunity for undergraduate students to thank donors for their enormous generosity and learn a bit more about why philanthropy is so important.

UC Hastings
UC Hastings College of Law

UC Hastings College of the Law is launching a new student campaign this spring called “Engagement & Philanthropy Week,” being held from Feb. 24-28, 2014, as a part of the Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day celebration. Throughout the week, first, second, and third year law students, as well as LLMs and MSLS, will compete for the grand prize of winning an off-campus party in the Spring. Students can earn points by donating to on-campus programs of their choice, or by participating in any of the “Thank-A-Thon” activities. All gifts from students will be matched by funds donated by alumni, faculty and staff – doubling their impact. Other activities throughout the week include a campus kick-off event where every student at UC Hastings will get a free t-shirt designed by a fellow student, and a lunch panel where students and alumni will discuss the importance of “Public Interest Law as a means of Community & Engagement” which will serves as an opportunity to learn about giving back to the university and the community.

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University College London

UCL will use the day to promote the multiple ways that alumni philanthropy, financial and non-financial, benefits the current student community. Students will be able to have their photo taken with a peep-board of UCL’s very own celebrity icon, Jeremy Bentham, and learn all about how alumni philanthropy benefits them by visiting a stand staffed by our student fundraisers, listen to podcasts of grateful scholarship recipients and take away promotional materials. In the build up to the day, UCL will use social media to raise awareness by posing a daily question about alumni philanthropy. 

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The University of Alabama in Huntsville

On SEP Day, we will host an information table in our student union building and invite all students to sign a banner that thanks donors and supporters for "Making an Impact at UAH." The banner will then be shared via social media and will be displayed at future alumni, development and T.R.U.E. Chargers events.

University of Birmingham

On Thursday 27 February, students will show their appreciation to the thousands of alumni, supporters and friends who have donated to the University of Birmingham by participating in a unique campus-wide event. We will build on the philanthropy tagging campaign launched last year with a guerilla social media and campus event to thank donors.

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University of Brighton

The 'Philanthropy Day' event at the University of Brighton will see student and staff recipients of philanthropic funding from across the university invited to thank donors in a number of different ways, including adding their own messages to a wall of thanks and using  Twitter and Facebook to send their thank you messages and pictures. Prizes will be offered for the most creative posting and to the club/society that generates the most postings on the day. Also, student calling team will be stationed at each of our campuses encouraging other students to get involved .The evening will see the calling team making thank you calls to current donors.

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University of Buffalo

UB TAG Day (Thank And Give Day). We hope students will begin to think about the importance of philanthropy and the impact that is made by the generosity of others. We will have 12 TAG stations stationed around campus. Students will be encouraged to help thank UB donors through photos, videos and handwritten notes. At each station, items and spaces that have been supported by donors will be tagged, demonstrating to students the impact of philanthropy is all around them. Participating students will receive a bracelet that reminds them to "Think About Giving" to UB or to the organizations that mean the most to them. The UB community can follow us on Twitter and Instagram using #UBTAGDAY.

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Cal logo
University of California, Berkeley

On Feb. 27, the Cal Alumni Association will host student scholars of the Leadership Award, the Achievement Award Program, and the Equity Scholarship to write notes and make calls in a collective effort to thank our supporters. We will also send our thank you video featuring a group of student scholars via email to supporters.

UC Davis
University of California, Davis We Are Aggie Pride

All it takes is for one person to step forward and take initiative. We Are Aggie Pride would like to inspire our fellow UC Davis students and community members and remind them this Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day that they have the power to make that difference. WAAP will be joining forces with fellow student groups who give back to our community for a noon rally celebration on our main quad. Posters scattered across the central part of campus—where thousands of students pass every day—will encourage students to join us and find out how they can be the change they want to see in the world. WAAP will be thanking our donors with "Cupcakes on the Quad," performances by our Cal Aggie Marching Band-Uh, as well as further educating students about the importance of philanthropy and how they can help other students in need.

University of Evansville Student Alumni Association

Philanthropy Week is a week long campaign with events and activities to enhance awareness and engagement of students at UE about the importance of institutional advancement around campus. Students will participate in various activities, including "thank-a-thons" and a day-long social media giving campaign. The goal is to foster and enhance student involvement in all areas of advancement including fundraising, alumni relations and communications. It is important that our students start taking steps to be the next group of philanthropic leaders and Philanthropy Week educates them about the value they bring to UE by giving their time, talent and treasure not only as students but also once they enter the alumni world.

New this year is a Vine video contest of students showing "Aces Spirit" thanking donors and a campus scavenger hunt to different buildings and spaces made possible by generous donors to emphasize the importance of donor gifts.


Idaho SARB

The University of Idaho

The University of Idaho Student Foundation will write thank you notes to all the employees in the annual giving department.

The University of Idaho Student Alumni Relations Board will celebrate its 45th anniversary with a special event with current members and local alumni.

The University of Idaho Homecoming Committee will announce its 2014 homecoming theme and logo at campus celebrations throughout the day.


Illinois 1867 Society

University of Illinois Student Alumni Ambassadors and the 1867 Society

The 1867 Society will be hosting its second annual "I Love Illinois" week. The weeklong event seeks to not only increase school pride, but also raise awareness of the philanthropic efforts donors have made on campus. Throughout the week, members of the 1867 Society and the Student Alumni Ambassadors will team up to host different events for students, including celebrating the university's 147th birthday on Feb. 28. "I Love Illinois" will run through National Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day.

University of Kansas Student Endowment Board

KU Student Endowment Board members will host "Leave Your Legacy" Week, February 24-27. This is a week for students to reflect on their experiences, give thanks to generous alumni and learn about ways that they can give back to a university that gives them so much.

On Monday, students will receive an "I <3 donors" button when they stop by for a pizza lunch to learn more about the week's activities. We will host a #thanKU social media campaign on Tuesday, encouraging students to post a picture of the place they are most thankful for on campus. On Wednesday, we will place 500 red and blue flags in the lawn of our campus library - each flag will represent approximately 12 scholarships awarded each year by KU Endowment (totaling 6,000). We will conclude our week on Thursday with a thank-you card writing campaign - students may stop by to sign a thank-you card that will be sent to a first-time donor.

University of Kent
University of Kent

"Quackers About Fundraising": Students will create a short video to explain to our donors how they have been involved in fundraising at the University and to thank our donors for their support. This will then be sent to our donors on a memory stick with a thank you card created by the students. They will be asking their fellow students to write a thank you message on the bottom of a rubber duck, which will be floated on our duck pond as a photographic opportunity. These will then be used for a duck race during the next academic year to raise more money for the university.

University of Missouri Student Foundation

For the past several years, we have hosted our TAG Day (thanking alumni and friends for their generosity) in the fall. This year, we decided to move our event to coincide with Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day. We hand out tags to our scholarship recipients, hang banners on buildings and tag classrooms and other spaces on campus in an effort to raise awareness about philanthropy at MU. We also take pictures of the tagged spaces and record video messages from scholarship recipients to share with donors.

University of Nebraska Lincoln Scarlet Guard

The University of Nebraska Lincoln Scarlet Guard is holding a blood drive in partnership with Nebraska Blood Bank in honor of Student Engagement & Philanthropy Day. This will be an all-day event as the City Campus Union that is open to all UNL students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends. 

UNM Trailblazers
University of New Mexico Trailblazers

The UNM Trailblazers will host an event called “Ducks for Donors.” We hope to work with our foundation and to have all UNM students who are receiving financial aid through a scholarship program sign a duck to thank their donor. Ducks will be placed in the UNM Duck Pond as a visual of all the support students receive as a result of donor’s generosity. We plan to take a lot of photos and fill our dock pond. Photos will also be used for future thank you cards. UNM will celebrate its 125 birthday that week, so our goal is to get a minimum of 125 ducks.

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University of Nevada Las Vegas Student Alumni Association

The UNLV Student Alumni Association, in conjunction with the UNLV Foundation, will host a series of events to celebrate Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day. We are planning a thank-a-thon, where donors will receive personalized thank you cards signed by our 402 registered student organizations. Our volunteers, including trustees, former trustees, advisory boards, the Parents Council, alumni association board members and regional club leaders will receive postcards thanking them for their service.

UNC Heelraisers
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Heelraisers Council

The Heelraisers Council will host a student engagement day on campus to promote the importance of philanthropy and the pivotal role students play in the act of supporting the university.

In addition to overall education and solicitation among students, the Heelraisers Council in conjunction with the Senior Marshals will host the second annual Carolina Pride Day, in which students, faculty and staff will be asked to wear Carolina gear to promote school spirit during the "Carolina–Duke Senior Campaign Challenge," which will also be going on that week. We are planning to have the student body president and our mascot, Ramses, attend. There will be a major social media push to get students involved in the friendly competition and learn more about the importance of private support. Go Heels!

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University of North Dakota

The UND Alumni Association & Foundation is hosting a "Spirit Week"–a week full of events that highlight student engagement & philanthropy on February 24-28. The anchor event for the week is called "Mug Up to Philanthropy," an outdoor event where students can grab a cup of hot cocoa, play UND trivia, win prizes, and participate in philanthropic conversation with "campus celebrities." Students will also take part thank you writing to first-time donors. Other events included this week are: Spirit Ski (campus wide cross country skiing) and a Pay It Forward Friday (students encouraging students to pay it forward).

Pitt logo
University of Pittsburgh Student Alumni Association

Because our school mascot is the panther, many panther paw prints will be printed with the words “I’m Pitt Proud Of …” or similar sayings. Students will be encouraged to fill out these paw prints, which will then be distributed to the board of trustees, faculty and alumni in celebration of Pitt’s 227th birthday on Feb. 28, 2014. 

University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Student Alumni Association

The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford plans on hosting "Paws and Give Thanks." The Institutional Advancement Office will work with the Student Alumni Association to set up tables across campus and distribute hot cocoa to students with special coffee sleeves asking students to write postcards to donors thanking them for their support of the University. In addition, we will also hand deliver thank you cards to current faculty and staff donors from the students. The community is also encouraged to use social media to thank constituents for their support of our mission.

URI Foundation
University of Rhode Island Student Philanthropy Council and Student Alumni Association

University of Rhode Island will host "I Heart URI Week" to celebrate student engagement and philanthropy. The schedule of activities for the week includes a Rhody gear contest, thank you messages and a giant card for donors and those that have helped them on campus and Facebook pictures.

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University of San Diego

From Feb. 24 - 28 the Student Alumni Association, Senior Class Legacy Committee and G.I.F.T. Committee (Give and Invest for Toreros) are hosting a "Phil Was Here" campaign (in which "Phil" is short for "philanthropy). Students are tabling in front of the library and eateries on campus every day that week and inviting students to thank young alumni donors and become donors themselves.

University of San Francisco Student Philanthropy Committee

We are planning a few events, starting on Monday the 24th, where we will have food trucks come to campus. Each of the trucks have agreed to donate 10% of their proceeds to the USF Scholarship. Additionally, we have an opportunity for students to sign a Thank You banner and meet the Student Philanthropy Committee. The other event that we are holding is a Study Break, the SPC passes out free coffee and tea as well as an infographic with information about the impact of gifts and philanthropy at USF. We also have a special faculty and staff donor happy hour to celebrate our faculty and staff donors.

University of Surrey

The Student Engagement & Philanthropy Day on 27 February will be our first here at The University of Surrey, and will focus on increasing student awareness and appreciation of the annual fund across campus.

Activities will include:

  • Social media activity via various channels, incl. Annual Fund Facebook page and Facebook and Twitter of Forever Surrey (alumni network), University of Surrey and Students’ Union.
  • A student newspaper article promoting SEPD and encouraging students to join the Annual Fund Facebook page
  • An announcement and SEPD logo on Annual Fund website 
  • Student caller awareness of SEPD as it falls into the last week of our three-week telephone campaign. We will encourage them to donate one hour of their salary (£7.47) towards the Student Hardship Fund or another area supported by the Annual Fund. We will also ask them to share our social media messages via their personal Facebook, Twitter etc. and ‘educate’ their peers about the Annual Fund and the importance of philanthropy in general.
  • ‘Recycle’ and promote a December donor thank you video
  • Video of student callers to produce a promotional video for the Annual Fund on the same day

University of Sydney
University of Sydney Student Alumni Association

On February 27, The University of Sydney’s Student Alumni Association will hold a stall during the Orientation Week also known as “O-Week”. This fun-fair environment will allow the executive students of the SAA to interact with new students, educate them about University philanthropy, recruit volunteers for future events whilst making philanthropy ‘fun’. Students who register their interest will be encouraged to dress up in hats and costumes provided to ‘Pose for a Polaroid’ which they can take with them as a souvenir. New members will also receive a 'Welcome Pack' which includes candy, a welcome brochure and ways to join the SAA online community through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

University of Tennessee Martin Undergraduate Alumni Council

Thank a Skyhawk! Members of the Undergraduate Alumni Council will be set up in the University Center encouraging the student body to fill out a thank you postcard to donors. These will be sent to donors who made a gift to the general campus fund in the last calendar year. Students will also receive some freebies along with information about staying involved with UT Martin upon graduation.

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University of Texas at Dallas Student Ambassadors

The UT Dallas Student Ambassadors will be taking over the university's Cornet Call phone-a-thon for Thank-a-Thon. While some ambassadors are making calls, others will be writing thank you notes to the university's faculty and staff donors.

UVa logo
University of Virginia UVaClubs Student Ambassadors

The UVaClubs Student Ambassadors will send thank you emails on Feb. 28 to their hometown UVaClub leaders. Roughly 800 volunteers will be honored for their commitment to building the UVa community around the country and across the world. The UVaClubs Student Ambassadors work closely with these leaders throughout the year and are excited to send a special thanks on Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day.

University of Warwick Development Team

Our very first Love Warwick Day will take place on 27 Feb. and will focus on increasing student awareness of philanthropy across campus. Warwick students will be encouraged to think about how donations from alumni and friends have benefited what they love at Warwick and say thank you to the donors who have made their experiences here even better through their generosity! Individual students, sports clubs and societies will be invited to thank our donors through photos, handwritten messages and videos. We will also highlight the impact of philanthropy on university life through videos on our big screen, campus banners, competitions and sharing "Did you know?" facts. An interactive social media campaign will encourage students to promote the day and share their own thoughts using #LoveWarwickUni.

Ursinus College

We will be sending an e-blast featuring a video compilation of thank you messages from our Bear Hugs for our Donors Day last fall. We also are hosting the kick-off to our Senior Class Gift campaign in the evening.

UVU logo
Utah Valley University Student Alumni Association

We will kick off our student-to-student philanthropy campaign. The purpose is to educate students about how philanthropy is choosing to support a friend or classmate. The campaign will start with our "S2S: It's Coming" stage to build awareness for our giving week. Our objectives are to increase the spirit of philanthropy at UVU, to encourage student engagement and service in the philanthropy program, and to collect donations for scholarships from 10 percent of the student population.

Nova logo
Villanova University Student Alumni Association

Villanova SAA will celebrate their second annual "I Love Villanova Day" on Feb. 27, 2014. This special event gives students the opportunity to thank donors for supporting the University and igniting change on campus. Like last year, SAA will give away free T-shirts to students who participate in I Love Villanova Day by stopping by the SAA photo booth and telling us reasons why they love Villanova. Normally, we would design the shirt, but this year we are leaving the creativity up to the student body! Students can enter their original design in our T-shirt contest for the chance to have students wear their art. We are looking for a design that is fun, unique and really shows our Villanova pride. The winning design will be selected by the SAA Board and will be printed on T-shirts for I Love Villanova Day. 

Virginia Commonwealth University STAT

Members will write thank you notes from students to alumni members.

Washington State
Washington State University Student Alumni Ambassadors

This year the Student Alumni Ambassadors at Washington State University will be asking students to share with us why they love WSU. We will set up a table in the student union building and ask students to make cards, write on poster board, or submit their thoughts online. We will then compile all the responses and share the sentiments via email, Facebook and our website. We will also display the responses on Crimson & Gray Day in March, when we celebrate WSU's birthday. 

Webster University Student Ambassadors

The Webster University Student Ambassadors will focus their efforts this year on our large commuter population and thanking our faculty and staff for their donations back to the University.

We will have the I Heart WU Drive-thru the morning of Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day. Commuter students, and any other interested students, can drive up to the East Academic Building and have an "I Heart WU" bumper sticker placed on their car and grab a donut.

During the rest of the day, students can drop by the University Center and sign a large "Thank You" banner that will hang during the Faculty and Staff Recognition Breakfast at the end of the year. This is to inform students that over 60 percent of all faculty and staff give to the annual fund each year to support students and to show our faculty and staff that the students appreciate their donations.

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Western Illinois University Student Alumni Leadership Council

SALC, in collaboration with WIU Annual Fund, will host a Thank You Campaign recognizing the continued support and participation WIU and the Alumni Association have received from local alumni, faculty, staff, community members and friends over the past year. WIU students will gather at the University Union concourse to send over 500 handwritten thank-you notes to alumni in the Macomb, IL area. SALC has invited the entire student body to join in this outreach effort. The WIU Alumni Association Facebook fan page will post the latest thank you messages from current students and members of SALC.

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WInthrop University Student Alumni Council

The Winthrop University Student Alumni Council will host a banner signing so that students may show their appreciation for the donors that make their experience possible. We will also host a Tag Day event in partnership with Go Gold For Life, our student fundraising organization, to showcase a portion of the things we love on our campus that are made possible through donor support. With both activities, fun facts will be distributed to students about the importance of philanthropy and how to get involved. The facts will be inside balloons with candy and a message reading, “Be a smartie. Know the facts.”
Additionally, students who receive scholarships will be given the opportunity to write personal thank you notes to the alumni and friends that make those awards possible each year. The students attending the thank you note project will be able to tag themselves on Tag Day.

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