People & Communities
Executive Board

The CASE Affiliated Student Advancement Programs' Executive Board assists CASE with programming, services and resources for students and advisers involved in advancement activities at CASE member institutions. 

For more information about CASE ASAP, contact Robyn Neeley, CASE ASAP program manager, online or at +1-202-478-5632.


District 1

Michael O'Brien
CASE ASAP District 1 Representative
University of Rhode Island
Student Alumni Association

District 2

Caitlyn Lemasters
CASE ASAP District 2 Representative
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
TAG Team

District 3

Kendall Runyan
CASE ASAP District 3 Representative
University of Florida
Florida Cicerones

District 4

Connor Angleton
CASE ASAP District 4 Representative
Oklahoma State University
Student Foundation

District 5

Cassidy Hemm
CASE ASAP District 5 Representative
Miami University
Student Foundation

District 6

Rachel Kleist
CASE ASAP District 6 Representative
University of Nebraska
Student Alumni Association

District 7

Amy Ward
CASE ASAP District 7 Representative
University of Utah
Student Alumni Board

District 8

Hayden Rogers
CASE ASAP District 8 Representative
Boise State University
Boise State Student IMPACT Board

CASE Staff

James Bresette
Coordinator, Student Programs & Talent Management

For more information about CASE ASAP, contact James Bresette.