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Hello District 8!

It was so great to meet people from across District 8 at the CASE Conference for Student Advancement in Columbus, Ohio. We had hundreds of attendees from across North America and so many different student advancement organizations were represented, including many from our district. I can't wait to see all the returning students and advisers and new members at the 2018 conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Conferences are so important for our students and advisers to connect, engage and learn from one another. It is an opportunity I don't want anyone to miss out on.

District 8 is interested in hosting a CASE ASAP District Conference. If your organization is interested please reach out to me. I'm also looking for students to seve as state representatives to fill our district cabinet. It's an excellent opportunity for student leaders who want to get move involved with CASE and CASE ASAP.

We want to highlight what some of our great students are doing. I hope many of you will consider applying for district awards by December 8, 2017.

Be on the lookout for some new District 8 social media as well, making connecting with one another even easier!


Hayden Rogers
CASE ASAP District 8 Representative 
Boise State University  
Student Impact Board

To contact Hayden, please use CASE's online form. In the subject line include: Hayden Rogers, CASE ASAP District 8 Representative. 


Congratulations to our 2017 CASE ASAP District 8 and Network Award winners! The deadline to apply for the 2017 CASE ASAP District Awards is Dec. 8, 2017. The online application is now available.


District 8 Organization Spotlight
D8 Diploma Frames Sales
University of Victoria Student Ambassadors' Convocation Diploma Framing and Flower Sales Program (2011 District VIII winner for Tried and True Program)

For 14 years the UVic Student Ambassadors have sold convocation diploma frames and flowers at graduation, generating more than $26,000 in revenue for student alumni activities. Contact Linda Nicoll, adviser, to learn how to implement a Convocation Diploma Framing and Flower Sales Program on your campus.

Looking for programming ideas for your student advancement organization? Visit our shared shared sample collection to learn how to implement CASE ASAP award-winning programming. (Students may request a special student login to access the collection by contact the member support center.)


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