Enjoy your complimentary membership to CASE ASAP (Affiliated Student Advancement Programs)


What CASE ASAP can do for your institution

CASE ASAP comprises student alumni associations, student foundations and similar organizations at more than 300 CASE member institutions. Its goal is to foster and enhance student involvement in all areas of advancement—from alumni relations and communications to fundraising, marketing and related areas.

CASE ASAP also supports the advancement profession by alerting students and their advisers of advancement opportunities, resources and career paths.

Prepare students to be active alumni and potential talent for your shop's pipeline.

To help you reach your student advancement goals, CASE has created a variety of products and services through its CASE Affiliated Student Advancement Program (CASE ASAP).

CASE ASAP is now complimentary to all members!
Formerly $215 per year per group, CASE ASAP is now complimentary with your institutional membership.

Student Advancement Programs
CASE ASAP Membership Benefits

As a member, your organization will have access to a wide array of resources to enhance your student advancement program, network with peers from around the world and explore careers in advancement:

Premier student advancement educational and program resources

Leadership training, development and exclusive networking opportunities

Prestigious awards

  • CASE ASAP district and national awards

Career resources
Peter Buchanan Scholarship
CASE Career Center

CASE ASAP programs at-a-glance

  • Annual CASE Conference for Student Advancement
  • Online sample collection of student philanthropy best practices
  • CASE Advancement Internship Program
  • Virtual hot topics discussions
  • Peter Buchanan and Clarence J. Jupiter Scholarships

To learn more about CASE ASAP and register your student advancement organization to take advantage of all of your student advancement resources contact the member support center.