Mailing List Rental

CASE rents its member postal and opt-in email information to member and nonmember organizations. List usage is carefully screened and limited to usage that benefits CASE members. Mailing lists may be segmented; some of the criteria are outlined below. We do not rent phone or fax numbers.

The CASE list is an effective way to communicate with members and to let them know you are eager to conduct business with them and that you wish to maintain a top-of-mind presence throughout the year. The CASE list offers direct access to thousands of engaged, industry professionals in the U.S. and worldwide. What's more, multiple selections and regular updates make it easy to deliver your offer to your exact target audience and maximize response rates.

For more information, to request counts, or to place an order, contact the MGI List Division of Marketing General Inc. at +1 800-899-4420 or direct-dial +1 703-706-0383 to speak with Senior List Manager Candy Brecht ( or view the list details online at CASE list data card.

Here are some of the popular criteria available to custom-build a CASE mailing list for you. Call or email to get counts or to ask about alternate criteria for your needs.

Institution type

  • Four-year educational institutions
  • Two-year educational institutions
  • Independent K-12 schools
  • Nonprofit organizations

Professional area

  • Advancement services
  • Alumni relations
  • Communications and marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Overall management

Additional specifications

  • Geographic region (district)
  • Job title
  • Primary contact
  • Presidents (CEO)