CASE members around the world transform lives by advancing and supporting education. For more than 40 years, CASE has provided its members with the essential tools to raise needed funds, shape institutional image, and forge strong relationships with alumni, donors and other key constituents.

By becoming a member of CASE, you provide your staff access to the resources you need to support the vital work of your institution.

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How CASE Membership Works

Membership is institutionally based. Your institution or organization becomes a member by paying base institutional dues determined by type and/or student enrollment. Once your institution joins CASE, all advancement staff are eligible to access all CASE resources.

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Membership Options

Select one of the following membership options to access additional information or a membership application:

Accessing your CASE member benefits

If your institution is already a CASE member, you will need to create a CASE account to access your member benefits.

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I have an account, but I need help or have changed jobs. You can update your information online (Hint: you need to login with the email associated with your last account, even if was the email from your former job). You can update your new job information after you login. Please do not create a new account if you have had a previous CASE account. Contact or call +1-202-328-2273 and we'll be glad to help update your information.

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Membership Help

Visit the member support center for more information about CASE membership.

Corporate Affiliation

For-profit companies that serve education institutional advancement on a fee-for-service basis can affiliate with CASE as Educational Partners.