District I 2015

District I 2015

Dan Allenby, assistant vice president for annual giving, Boston University
Heidi Anderson, director of Dartmouth Parents and Grandparents Fund, Dartmouth College
William Barry, director of parent giving, Deerfield Academy
David Beecher, headmaster, Hillside School
William Bennett, senior development officer, Wellesley College
Greg Bernard, associate director of alumni and parent events, Wesleyan University
Robert Bochnak, assistant director, alumni marketing & communications, Harvard Business School
Andy Boynton, dean, Carroll School of Management, Boston College
Erica Broman, vice president, institutional development, Holyoke Community College
Amy Bronson, executive director, advancement resources and strategic talent management, Boston University
Harold Brown, director of alumni and parent relations, Phillips Exeter Academy
Charles Burton Gordy II, director of planned giving, Harvard Law School
Nicole Cherubini, director of development, Phillips Academy Andover
Michelle Chicione, vice rector for operations and finance administration, St. Paul's School
Montique "Mo" Cotton Kelly, assistant vice president of alumni relations, University of Connecticut
Greg Croak, director of graduate affairs, Noble and Greenough School
Tim Cross, vice president for advancement services, Brandeis University
Deb Cunningham, vice president of administration, chief administrative officer, University of Connecticut Foundation, Inc.
Leah Davis, associate director, new media, Development & Alumni Relations, Boston University
Michelle Davis, chief marketing officer, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
Colleen DelVecchio, director of alumnae engagement, Smith College
Robert Dietrich, associate vice president of international advancement, Northeastern University
Stephen Dill, marketing manager, Wheelock College
Phil DiMartino, assistant director of new media fundraising, Boston University
Joseph Donnelly, vice president and campaign director, Northeastern University
Maureen Donnelly, senior director of development, donor relations, Massachusetts General Hospital
Anne-Marie Dorning, senior media relations representative, Olin College
Kathy Drucquer Duff, associate vice chancellor, University of California, San Diego
Lauren Easton, associate director, development, Harvard Business School
Martha Eddison Sieniewicz, special assistant to the president, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Karen Engelbourg, senior associate vice president, development, Boston University
Robert Ferreira, assistant vice president, Providence College
John Feudo, senior vice president of development, United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley
Leah Gallant, assistant dean and director of student leadership and engagement programs, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Chad Galts, director of communications, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, School of Engineering
Doug Gavel, director of media relations, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
Juan Gonzalez, partner, Echo & Co.
Christian Gordon, senior director of development, College of Science and Engineering, San Francisco State University
Jay Goulart, co-founder, NewSci, LLC
Roy Greene, assistant news editor, Metro Section, Boston Globe
Brent Grinna, founder and CEO, EverTrue
Steven Hall, vice president for alumni relations, Boston University
Rachael Hanley, director of online communications, Williston Northampton School
Mark Harding, president, Meno Systems
Casey Hassenstein, director of annual giving, Noble and Greenough School
Rob Henry, executive director of emerging constituencies and online programs, CASE
Kathrine Hesser, senior managing director, Dartmouth College Fund Fellows Program
Molly Honan, associate vice president of marketing communications, Emmanuel College
Ruth Jacobs, assistant vice president for communications, Colby College
Jeff Johnson, senior vice president, higher education practice lead, Primacy
Mark Jones, senior associate, TalentED, Bentz Whaley Flessner
Lisa Jordan, president and wise woman, MindPower
Bridget Keane, corporate vice president, CCS
Patricia Keegan, senior vice president, ClearRock
Andrea Kennedy, director of communications, Development & Alumni Relations, Boston University
Maura King Scully, principal, MKS Communication
Todd Krohne, regional giving officer, Harvard University
Kimberly Kulacz, director of stewardship, Proctor Academy
Peter LaBreck, senior associate director of alumni affairs, Stonehill College
Barrie Landry, philanthropist
Marcy Larmon, director of classes and on-campus programs, alumni and parent programs, Amherst College
Amy Lee, director of annual giving and alumni relations, Middlesex Community College
Thomas Lockerby, secretary of the academy, Phillips Academy
Maria Lockheardt, senior development officer, international development, Wellesley College
Charles Lockwood, interactive designer, Suffolk University
Joe Long, parent and athletics giving officer, Springfield College
Kirsten Lundeen, associate director for alumni networks, Boston University
Jody MacArthur Johnson, director of advancement, South Shore Day School
Diane MacGillivray, senior vice president of university advancement, Northeastern University
Erin Martinovich, director, the Fund for Babson, Babson College
Jack McCarthy, senior advisor to the president, Northeastern University
Tim McGowan, deputy vice president, alumni and development marketing and communications, Columbia University
Linda McIntosh, executive director, advancement information systems and prospect research, Boston College
Anne Melvin, director of education and training, Harvard University
Amy Mengel, head of marketing and research, Merit
Jim Montague, executive director, strategic talent management for resource development, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Paul Mylott, senior advancement consultant, Royall & Company
Marya Neary, director of annual giving, University of New Haven
Brian Nevins, principal & managing director, CCS Fundraising
Scott Nichols, senior vice president, development & alumni relations, Boston University
Brian Otis, vice president for development, The University of Connecticut Foundation, Inc.
Tracey Palmer, principal, Palmer Communications
Rick Peck, director of planned giving, Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth College
David Perry, chief marketing officer, Bentley University
Carl Pitruzzello, executive director, advancement operations, University of New Haven
Linda Polach, executive managing editor, WGBH News
Ben Powers, headmaster, Eagle Hill-Southport
Alicia Reed, vice president, Graham-Pelton
Ted Reinstein, reporter, WCVB-TV
Kati Reusche, associate director for international networks, Boston University
Bill Ring, assistant vice president, Boston University
Libby Roberts, vice president, Lois L. Lindauer Searches, LLC
Tammie Ruda, executive director of annual giving, Brown University
Donna Russell, director, alumni relations and annual giving, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management
Elizabeth Scarborough, partner and CEO, SimpsonScarborough
Jonathan Schaffrath, associate director, development, Harvard Business School
Rebecca Scott, senior director of development and alumni relations, Tufts University School of Medicine
Joshua Seftel, filmmaker, Seftel Productions
Stefanie Seslar, director of alumni relations, Albertus Magnus College
Noelle Shough, senior director of advancement communications, Advancement Office, Northeastern University
Paul Simard, associate director, advancement, Desautel Faculty of Management, McGill University
Ellen Sullivan, executive director, international advancement, Boston College
Sarah Sykora, director of communications, Noble and Greenough School
Christine Tempesta, senior director, strategic initiatives, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alumni Association
Vanessa Theoharis, digital marketing & community manager, Babson College
Andy Tiedemann, vice president communications and marketing, Emerson College
George Triantaris, director of stewardship programs, Bentley University
Mary Tunney O'Connor, director of media relations, Boston University
Kate Villa, assistant vice president, CCS
Joshua Walovitch, director of digital and social media, Suffolk University
Elizabeth Whitty, associate director of development, health sciences, University of Connecticut Foundation
Tom Witkowski, senior director, alumni marketing and communications, Harvard Business School
Traci Wolfe, director of communications, Williston Northampton School
Jennifer Wooliscroft, senior advancement writer, Northeastern University