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Day 1, Tuesday, Feb. 27

10:15-11:05 AM
Holistic Engagement: Moving Beyond Capturing Data to Building Two-way Relationships

As alumni engagement scoring emerges as the next big advancement trend, we look to an organization-Union College-that is not only capturing this data, but acting upon the insights to first quantify and then develop strong, two-way relationships between the institution and its constituents. Learn how Union is gathering and analyzing key data points from traditional and digital engagement channels, and then leveraging those interactions to strengthen relationships and tap into the networks of these truly engaged alumni.

Brent Grinna, Founder and CEO, EverTrue; and Kathy McCann, Director of Advancement Information Services, Union College


10:15-11:05 AM
Leveraging Data to Build Strong Internal and External Partnerships


11:25 AM-12:15 PM
The Data Science of Alumni Connection: Implications for Practice in Fundraising and Alumni Relations

Review the latest discoveries on the data science of alumni connection. Recent studies at the University of Kentucky and the University of San Francisco revealed that alumni feelings of connection and expectations toward their alma mater are more effective and reliable predictors of giving. Learn about the factors and characteristics of alumni connectedness and find out how to use social media, e-communications and identity scores to measure it. Discover how data science can leverage alumni connection to more efficiently target, cultivate and solicit alumni giving.

Jay L. Dillon, Higher Ed Researcher and Director of Alumni Engagement, University of San Francisco

1:45-2:35 PM
Creating an Effective Training Plan

Almost every organization recognizes the value and benefits of developing training plans and delivery. When done properly, training can make employees more efficient-increasing proficiencies, productivity and morale while decreasing costs and inefficiencies. Effective training can streamline processes and save time and compliance with regulations. It can even lead to a happier, more satisfied workforce, which in turn reduces turnover and additional onboarding. So, how does one create effective training strategy and materials? This session outlines plans, best practices and lessons learned from implementing and supporting advancement services across multiple platforms with many skill levels.

Kate Butler, Associate; and Merrell Milano, Senior Associate, Bentz Whaley Flessner


Day 2, Wednesday, Feb. 28

10:00-10:50 AM
How to Create an Amazing Data Collection and Analytics Program to Support Alumni Outcomes Reporting
Alumni outcomes has become a hot topic recently, but often represents a daunting effort that leaves many wondering where and how to begin. Pomona College has spent the last year tackling a comprehensive alumni outcomes program. In this presentation, representatives from Pomona will demonstrate how to put together an amazing data collection and maintenance program and show you how to use a variety of reporting tools to present powerful and compelling stories for a number of audiences. They'll highlight rich sources of data related to employment, post-graduate degrees, involvements, philanthropic giving, honors and awards and provide an overview of how to clean and normalize this data, create meaningful taxonomies, and develop strategies for reporting and visualizations. You will get detailed data element-level sample requirements, suggested data sources, examples of crosswalks and taxonomies, and sample reports and visualizations. Learn practical matters like where to budget extra time and resources, common pitfalls, as well as a variety of time-saving approaches. Think of this as alumni outcomes boot camp!

Nadine M. Francis, Senior Director of Advancement Services and Information Systems; and Peter Hansen, Advancement Business Process and Technology Manager, Pomona College

11:10 AM-NOON
Can You Repeat That, Please? How Data Analysts and Institutional Leadership and Can Speak the Same Language

Nonprofits are increasingly dependent on data to make decisions around goals and strategy. Analysts are being brought in to build sophisticated models that forecast giving, quantify needed resources, assess productivity and capture return on investments. Important decisions are at stake, and the data experts who present these findings are confident in the rigor of their methodology and analysis. But what about the rest of the people in the room? Can leadership have full confidence in results from analytical models they may not fully grasp? Explore what works-and doesn't seem to work-in synthesizing quantitative analysis and qualitative knowledge to form the depth of understanding necessary to make the best decisions for the organization.

Sherrie Dodson, Associate Vice President, Advancement Services, Baylor University; and Sarah Williams, Senior Consultant and Principal; Leader of Analytical Solutions, Marts & Lundy

Precision Philanthropy

Award-winning speakers and authors of Precision Philanthropy share their vision of how nonprofit organizations must reimagine their previous assumptions about fundraising to thrive in the third philanthropic age. Precision Philanthropy leverages all resources available, creating laser-focused yet malleable strategies to optimize the donor experience while maximizing revenue and efficiencies. Through targeted and personalized strategies, public sector organizations that harness this revolutionary way of conducting business will be better positioned to fulfill their mission and increase their positive impact on humanity.

Nathan Chappell, Senior Vice President, Advancement Operations and Giving Campaigns; and Nathan Fay, Associate Vice President Prospect Development, City of Hope

Driving Collaborative Decision-making Across the Organization

We see more and more organizations in both public and private sector get this truly 360 degree view of the organization Essentially we're talking about importance not just of data but how that data is integrated into the strategic initiatives across the organization, many of which cross departmental "boundaries" of data ownership. The premise is that in order to have a collaborative approach to decision-making, organizations need to rethink how they integrate different parts of the organization that may not be directly involved with a particular initiative but would be impacted by a decision. It gives better insight and a broader view of the organization which have been department or workgroup silos that have not done a good sharing information and thus when decisions are made in a vacuum, the downstream impact is chaotic.

Robert Dolan, Jr., Market Segment Director, Public Sector, Tableau

Advancement Services in the European Market

The U.K. just reached a record £1B in philanthropic support as reported in the Ross-CASE survey, a CASE Europe industry bench marking tool on philanthropic giving. The evolving European compliance landscape driven by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means the advancement industry is facing change and having to adapt accordingly. The advancement services function has become the guiding beacon to manage this change and key to ensuring advancement programmes flourish. Join us to discuss CASE Europe research and what advancement services looks like in Europe; the challenges and opportunities posed by the new European regulations; and how our experiences can help us achieve success and help improve our programmes.

Tom Jirat, Information Manager, University of Manchester; and Chris Newson, Head of Campaign Operations, Royal Academy of Music

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