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Political Affairs in Higher Education Forum 2018

April 19, 2018
Woburn House Conference Centre 20 Tavistock Square London United Kingdom WC1H 9HQ
London, United Kingdom



Political Affairs in Higher Education Forum 2018 is an event in partnership with Universities UK. It provides a unique opportunity for policy and public affairs professionals working in higher education to discuss the most relevant issues currently facing the sector, and to gain insight about how universities and academics can play a meaningful role in shaping policy and influencing legislation.

Why are we talking about political affairs in higher education now?

Universities remain high up the political agenda after a year of increasing scrutiny. Debates over higher education funding in England have intensified and key issues of importance to the future of our universities such as Brexit, international students and the industrial strategy continue to develop. In order to ensure that the UK university sector can maintain its global status, it is now more important than ever that institutions continue to be effective and pro-active in their engagement with parliamentarians and government.​​


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