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The deadline for paper submissions to the CASE Europe Stewardship and Donor Relations Conference has been extended to 15 March, and proposals are particularly welcomed within the areas of "Effective change" and "Develop and grow your programme" including sessions focusing on stewardship for campaign donors.

This conference will bring discussions on current trends in Stewardship in both the Higher Education and the Charity sectors in the following areas:

• STRATEGIC PLANNING: Have you developed a Stewardship Strategy; what process did you follow; what issues did you encounter and how did you overcome them? Or can you tell less experienced colleagues how to develop a strategic plan?
• EFFECTING CHANGE: Have you implemented a change (large or small) that needed the buy-in of others, whether in your team/office or across the wider University; what were the key elements to your plan for change; how did you manage your delivery? Or can you tell less experienced colleagues how to manage change generally?
• INNOVATE FOR SUCCESS: Have you initiated a stewardship project that you feel is new or innovative; what was it and what happened? Or do you have an idea for a stewardship project that you would like to brainstorm with colleagues on the day?
• A TAILORED DELIVERY: Do you deliver different stewardship activities to different groups of donors (for example, major donors, regular giving, continuous years' donors or new donors); what does it look like and how does it all fit together? Or do you successfully deliver a range of activities with little resource, and would you be able to give a masterclass to the less experienced in a similar situation?
• DEVELOP AND GROW YOUR PROGRAMME: Have you developed and/or implemented key performance indicators or other measures for stewardship; do you link stewardship to measures for donor retention, and if you do how do you distinguish between what is attributable to stewardship and what is attributable to the quality of the ask? Do you monitor and review your programme; what are the key elements that you consider to measure success? Or can you provide less experienced colleagues with a framework to follow when trying to grow their stewardship/donor relations programme?

So if you would like to present a session on this conference, please send us your proposal following the format below:

1) Name:
2) Session title:
3) Audience level of experience (please select the most appropriate intended audience for your session)
- Beginner (up to 3 years' experience)
- Mid-Level (3-5 years' experience)
- Advanced (5+ years' experience)
4) Session Description (70 words or less). If selected, this description will be used in marketing materials and attendee guides. This description should "sell" your session in the most concise and creative way.
5) Session Abstract (300 words or less). Provide an overview of the proposed session, including purpose, methodology, relevance, and importance. Describe the session, and explain how you will conduct the presentation. Interactive and innovative methodologies would be preferred.
6) Learning Objectives (enter at least 2 takeaways or learner outcomes for your session).

Please send your proposal to Cristina Marochi, before the 15 March 2019