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Programme - Social Media and Community Conference

Thursday 21 March

09.00-09.45 Registration and refreshments

09.45-10.00 Welcome from CASE Europe and the conference chairs 
Daniel Marrable, Social and Digital Media Consultant and trainer, 448 Studio
Úna McBreen, Social and Digital Media Manager, Oxford Brookes University
Cat Prill, Digital Content Officer, Marketing Co-ordinator, Lancaster University
Cristina Marochi, Senior Manager, Business Development, CASE Europe

10.00-11.00 Opening session: Why personal brand matter, and how digital can help
Howard Lake, Digital fundraising entrepreneur, publisher of UK Fundraising

11.00-11.30 Refreshment and networking break

11.30-12.30 Positive wellbeing and self-care for social media professionals
Alistair Beech, Senior Social Media Coordinator, University of Manchester 
In a highly competitive marketplace, there is pressure for Universities to innovate, improve brand and reputation metrics and deliver exceptional communications to audiences across the world, via multiple digital channels. With social media professionals a critical part of this tactical execution, it's vital for specialist staff to stay healthy and productive within their institutions.

A 2018 PRCA and PR Week survey showed 60% of UK PR professionals have suffered with mental ill health, with 52% of participants arguing that the PR industry is not accepting of people prone to depression or anxiety. Reflecting on personal experiences after a decade working within digital communications in the public and private sector, Alistair will lead a practical workshop on how delegates can ensure they stay healthy at work.
Delegates will be encouraged to reflect on their habits, relationships and wellbeing, and discuss these in groups. During this interactive session, contributions are encouraged from delegates who are comfortable sharing from their own experiences of practicing positive wellbeing and self-care. 

12.30-13.30 Networking lunch

13.30-14.30 Content creation workshop
Daniel Marrable, Social and Digital Media Consultant and trainer, 448 Studio
Rob Armstrong-Haworth, Higher Education Lead (UK and Ireland), Hootsuite

14.30-14.50 Refreshment and networking break

14.50-15.50 Surviving social media in a small team
Katy Duddell, Social Media & Conversion Coordinator, York St John University
If you're a solo social manager or part of a tiny team, you know that juggling planning, strategy, content creation, analysis, and enquiry management can leave you burnt out and struggling to keep your work-life balance on the right side of the scales. Building on last year's ‘Team of One' Unconference session, and based on 5 years of running social media solo, Katy will explore practical advice and coping strategies for staying sane when you are trying to keep all those plates spinning on your own. The session will incorporate insight from social media professionals across the education sector, and cover topics including creating content when you're short on time, maximising the impact of your social reports, getting buy-in from senior staff, and taking care of yourself when your to-do list becomes overwhelming. Think of this as a great big therapy session for everyone managing social media with limited resources!

15.50-16.45 Jog on 
How far can you go as the ‘voice' of your institution? Do you have the freedom to respond as you need to, or does every tweet go through two layers of management for approval? Can you make a university sound like a human?
Tim Watkins from the University of Reading will talk through how he has worked to create a structure which empowers discussion and genuine human interaction on behalf of the university, which led to the viral Jog On tweet about support for refugee scholarships which reached around the world.
Tim Watkins, Social Media Manager, University of Reading

16.45 End of day activities

17.00-19.00 Free time

19.00-21.00 Dinner 

Friday 22 March

09.30 - 10.00 Refreshment and networking break

10.00 - 11.00 Panel: Adventures in Redditland
Tim Watkins, Social Media Manager, University of Reading
Jemma Cole, Social Media Officer, Cardiff University
Andrew Youngson, News and Digital Content Editor, Imperial College
This panel session brings together social media officers from three universities who are engaging with Reddit - the social news aggregation, rating and discussion website. The speakers will give short presentations on their experiences with Reddit, before opening the floor for questions. Key takeaways for the session include: how to establish a University Reddit account, how to engage with Redditors, how to plan Ask Me Anything sessions and the do's and don'ts of Reddit.

11.00 - 11.30 Refreshment and networking break

11.30 - 12.30 Parallel sessions (choose from):
Super-powering researchers on social media: an origins story
Dr Carla Banks, Research Communications Manager (Social Media), Lancaster University
Cat Prill, Digital Content Officer, Marketing Co-ordinator, Lancaster University
With so much focus on generating content to support student recruitment, research is an untapped area for HE social media. In this session, Carla and Cat offer an insight into how they're empowering the academic research community at Lancaster to communicate their research using social channels and to plan beyond content. They'll outline the benefits of taking a ‘bottom-up' approach to collaborating with academic colleagues, show how valuable researcher-generated content can be for universities and talk about what how this can benefit social media managers and strategists.

Empowering your academics to be brand ambassadors online: What do Trump, Brexit, Banksy all have in common? 
Hannah Morrish, Student Choice and Higher Education Lead, The Student Room
They're contemporary topics that engage students and give universities the opportunity to market their academic prowess in live-time. In a world of university marketing fuelled by league table positioning, graduate outcome data and NSS scores, academic discussion has the potential to be a super interesting way of differentiating your institution to current and future applicants across the year. If you worked for company that created a new brand of chocolate you'd want consumers to buy it, and it's likely you'd get them to try it at their local supermarket with no cost to them to get their attention. So how can a university help their audience by showcasing what they have to offer without risk or cost to the student? Hannah Morrish, Student Choice and Higher Education Lead at TSR will share our journey in developing our guest lecture offering, what we've learned along the way, how students have reacted and how universities can get involved.

12.30-13.30 Networking lunch

13.30-14.30 UnConference
Chaired by Dave Musson,
Head of Community and Content, The Access Platform

14.30-15.30 Content creation panel
How international students use Instagram. 
Rebecca Longhurst, Marketing and Content Manager, The Access Platform
In this session, Rebecca will be exploring innovative ways universities are currently using Instagram to engage with international students. She'll also be presenting insights from our recent research paper on comments left on universities' Instagram posts, and offering you a practical guide to avoiding common pitfalls.

Students as content creators. Tony Sheridan, Social Media and Digital Content Officer, University of Limeric
The number of channels to manage and the desire for content, video particularly has grown exponentially over the years in the HESM sector. How do you feed this demand for content within your working week and within your budget while maintain standards and quality? At University of Limerick (UL) in Ireland, Tony Sheridan has been using a team of students as content creators since September. The project has been a massive success. In December UL released a Christmas video, the video achieved impressive organic video views across their own social channels and featured across almost all national media outlets. All storyboarding, filming, editing, vocals, arrangement, sound engineering, directing, and acting was carried out by UL students. Tony will outline the pros, cons and potential pitfalls of this model, paying particular focus to the project management processes used to pull this, and countless other video projects together using only students.
Chaired by Liam Ross, Digital Engagement Officer, Loughborough University

15.30-15.45 Refreshment and networking break

15.45-16.30 'Look at this absolute unit': Voice, community and virality at The MERL
Adam Koszary,
Programme Manager and Digital Lead, Museums Partnership Reading
In this talk Adam charts the viral successes of The MERL's Twitter account and delves into the institutional culture, approach to content, voice and skills required to grow an account from 9700 to over 100,000 followers in 8 months.

16.45 Closing