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Day 1, Wednesday, April 24

NOON-1:00 PM

Welcome and Introductions

Building Community through Social Media: #TeamUofG the Power of a Tattoo
Universities are always looking for new ways to stand out and attract students to their institution, and ultimately ensure they feel part of the university community. In 2017, the University of Glasgow launched an onboarding campaign–#TeamUofG–to welcome new students (domestic and international) to UofG and make them feel part of Glasgow before they even arrived on campus, all using a transfer tattoo. This session details the why, what and how of the #TeamUofG campaign, including how a robust internal communications and brand advocacy plan helped make it such a success, and highlights how #TeamUofG has had a far greater legacy than the tattoo.

Elective Sessions (choose one)

  • Getting the Most Out of Facebook Ads: Using Paid Social to Increase Engagement
    As the global market leader in social, Facebook has a wealth of attention and data, making it an essential element of any digital marketing strategy. Whether your social media budget is $100 or $100,000, you can leverage ads to raise visibility, meet marketing objectives and engage with your target audience. Learn how Northeastern has leveraged Facebook's advertising platform to substantially increase both domestic and international alumni engagement. Find out how to align social media and email marketing campaigns to underscore your message, select the correct marketing objective to match your goal, leverage audience targeting features to support customized messaging, determine an appropriate ad budget, leverage storytelling to maximize your reach and engagement, and analyze the success of your campaign.
  • Making YouTube a Social Platform for Prospective Students
    On an average day, 65 percent of 13-17 year olds use YouTube daily. Many of those within Generation Z are using the platform for multiple hours each day, as well. YouTube is a huge opportunity for higher education ... if it's treated like a true social media platform. It is, without a doubt, the most underused social media platform when it comes to recruitment. In the last two years, WVU has changed its philosophy with YouTube, moving from it being a repository of video to a true recruitment platform. Using WVU's experience, this session shows how to conduct a YouTube content audit, outlines how to gather buy-in from higher ups and devoted video teams, and details how to build consistency around video content for Gen Z.
  • Student Run Social Media: The Good (lots), the Bad (a little), the Ugly (yeah)
    If you want to leverage the help of students, but you're a little bit nervous about it, you're not alone. While student help can get you a lot of bang for your small amount of bucks, it also comes with some risk. Hear from Duke University about what works and what doesn't, the pitfalls you can avoid, and how the Duke University team has created a suite of student-run @DukeStudents channels completely operated by student editors.

Lightning Talks: Strategy

  • Building Your Tribe for Social Media Success 
  • Developing Your Social Media Department 
  • #TellUsTigers: How Princeton's "Tiny Tales" Humanize University Messaging

Happy Hour/Social 

Conference Adjourns for the Day
Dinner on Your Own

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Day 2, Thursday, April 25

8:00-9:00 AM

Who's Hungry? Why You Need to Think of Your Content like a Thanksgiving Dinner
Across higher education, marketers are routinely being asked to increase their content production. And yet, in a 2018 survey by TerminalFour, a majority of marketers said their marketing team and budget had either not changed or decreased in the past 24 months. So how can marketers increasingly feed the content beast with the resources they already have? Join Stephen App as he explains how to repurpose content by focusing your efforts on a piece of pillar content that can be sliced and diced into side dishes like podcast episodes, snackable videos, blog posts, social graphics and more. Warning: side effects of attending this session include hunger pangs and increased mouth-watering.

Elective Sessions (choose one)

  • #smallbutmighty: How to Organize and Mobilize a Small Team for Social Media Success 
    Do you wonder how you can possibly keep up with the need to post constantly on Facebook and answer questions on Twitter at all hours of the day, all while trying to dream up creative content and juggle other responsibilities in your portfolio? Whether you are solely responsible for social media management, or part of a small staff that tackles social media collaboratively, this session provides you with practical and attainable strategies for success. Learn how North Park University uses their editorial calendar, student and alumni volunteers, and campus partners to efficiently and effectively engage their alumni community and support advancement efforts.
  • How to Turn Around Your Social Media Efforts: An MIT Case Study
    In a crowded social media landscape, it may often feel like all the of time you put into it is hardly making a dent—and that's particularly true if you work for specific departments within a larger university. Five years ago, MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) had 4,000 Twitter followers and virtually no engagement. But by dramatically revamping our strategy and thinking more critically about our target audiences, we now have more than 60,000 followers and earn 50+ retweets per post. Learn how we transformed our account from a self-promotional news channel into everybody's smart, interesting friend. Get concrete tips for creating more engaging content for your own institution.
  • Using Social Media to Boost Your Recruitment Efforts 
    With a constantly changing landscape, it can be difficult to know the best approaches to finding your prospective student target audience on social media. Discover who is using social media and which networks appeal to which demographics (undergraduate, graduate, parents, continuing education, etc.). Learn how to leverage various tactics and the platforms' extensive targeting capabilities such as location, age, gender, list matching, lookalike and retargeting to help meet your admission goals. Review best practices for creating targeted messaging, videos or images that inspire your audience to learn more about your school, event or exciting campus culture.

11:45 AM-1:30 PM
Lunch on Your Own

How to Source and Target the Right Content to the Right Audience
A university is a complicated institution with widely varied audiences of students, stakeholders, fans and more. Learn how Duke University decides which content type works best for each audience, how they create and collect that content, and how they measure the impact of their content strategy across channels and audiences.

Elective Sessions (choose one)

  • Hashtag Higher Ed Live: An Interview with Emma about UG's Experience with Facebook Live 
    Facebook Live broadcasts have doubled since launching in 2016, but for many higher education marketers, the prospect of going live remains intimidating. In this "Live" episode of the Hashtag Higher Ed Podcast, host Stephen App sits down with Emma Gilmartin, head of social media at the University of Glasgow, to talk about how Emma and her team have used Facebook live to shed light on new research, onboard new students and communicate with constituents in a crisis. Discuss Emma's advice for getting started with Facebook Live, review lessons she's learned after more than 10 live broadcasts, find out how to navigate the tech requirements, and discover what the future holds for the University of Glasgow on Facebook Live.
  • Reaching Your Global Audience through Social Media 
    Does your institution have a considerable number of international students on your campus? Does your institution have a study abroad program where students can participate in an exchange program outside of the Umited States? This session equips you with strategies and ideas for effectively using social media to reach and engage your international students and promote the benefits of a study abroad program. Pack your bags, because we're going global!
  • Presidential Social Media
    More and more, college presidents are taking to social media to demonstrate transparency, authenticity and to communicate with constituents. In this two-part presentation, learn how presidents and vice presidents show up on social-from a Campus Sonar study of six months of Twitter activity from almost 200 executives. Then, get a glimpse behind the curtain of a president who is highly active on social. For the first time in Linfield College's 160-year history, their president is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. His life at and away from the college is open to the world. President Davis and Linfield's director of social media discuss how they use social media to further the college's mission and maintain its relevancy.

Lightning Talks Part Deux: Tactical

  • Adapting Volunteer Management Principles to Mobilize Social Ambassadors 
  • Make Your Pics Pop through Post-Processing 
  • Small Shop Success: Six Tips to Harness the Power of Interns 
  • Young Alumni Social Media Features 
  • Fight the Summer Slump: How Instagram Takeovers Grew Engagement and Follower Base

Conference Adjourns for the Day
Dinner on Your Own

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Day 3, Friday, April 26

8:00-9:00 AM
Breakfast and Faculty Office Hours
Attendees sign up to visit one-on-one with conference faculty.

How to Succeed at Video and Everything Else
Create better videos and in the process develop a new content strategy that can improve internal communications, social media content and external media coverage. Starting with a deep-dive into the data, Augusta University set out to answer the question, "Why aren't people watching our videos?" The result was a new streamlined approach to video that performs better, but costs less. Learn how to conduct your own comprehensive content survey, use data to guide future production, and ultimately deploy low-budget, in-house videos across digital communications channels to support your institution's strategic priorities and engage your community.

Closing Session

11:30 AM-NOON
Faculty Firing Line and Wrap Up
Conference faculty are ready to answer your rapid-fire questions!

Conference Adjourns


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