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Day 1, Wednesday, March 14

NOON-1:00 PM

Welcome and Introductions

Survive and Thrive Managing Social Media
Be honest, would your latest status update about social media be that you are surviving or thriving? Social media does not sleep, but this does not mean you shouldn't. As a social media manager, you enter these online spaces both as a producer and as a participant, with various contexts from campus community to your personal relationships—and it's complicated and exhausting. This session addresses the health and wellness considerations for social media managers and the opportunities for role modeling, and even empowering, digital education for staff, faculty and students. 

Elective Sessions (choose one)

  • Making Real Decisions with Facebook Ad Data
    You've finally convinced your colleagues that Facebook isn't going away any time soon and is worth the investment of time and money. Now what? How do you decide where and how to fit Facebook into your marketing and communications plans? Although Facebook isn't going to share all of its data with you (it is a business, after all), with some planning, you can create useful experiments and build greater understanding of how the platform can work for you and your audiences.
  • Growing Your Social Media Audiences - and Reaching Beyond Them
    While your "traditional" social media properties are your core audience, there are plenty of key audiences just beyond your reach, and even beyond social media, that are interested in engaging with your content and more. In this session, we'll cover how to engage influencers big and small to expand your audiences, and how to reach audiences on other forums beyond traditional social media such as reddit AMA and Tumblr's Answer Time. We'll also talk about how to make content that works beyond social media such as GIFs and quizzes, which can be particularly effective ways to inform and engage audiences that don't follow you on social media. This session will focus on examples from organizations of all sizes, and yield actionable tips that can be executed by digital teams large and small.
  • The Importance of Community Partnership to Amplify Your Social Media Strategy
    The best social media is extramural: it goes beyond the fishbowl of the academy to engage stakeholders, local groups, businesses and the community at large. Whether your tool of choice is Twitter, Medium or email, partnering with organizations the right way can enhance the success of your strategy and amplify your message. At NYU Tandon School of Engineering, we align the goals of the communications and marketing department with our community partnership tactics to get the right partners talking about the university at the right time. How do we make the parts fit? We work closely with the public relations department as well as other constituents to spread our message. We cover events, assign hashtags, tag speakers and much more.

Is Social Listening Your Missing Ingredient?
Like great chefs, effective campus leaders have a vision they seek to achieve through a team of talented professionals using the best tools and materials. Regardless of the menu, some ingredients are absolutely necessary to the success of almost all dishes (think salt, fat or acid). In a world where online conversation influences reputation, decision-making, and the news cycle, social listening is a necessary ingredient for campus—not just social media-strategy. Learn how campuses are using social listening insights to drive strategic impact across campus

Happy Hour/Social
Networking Reception

Conference Adjourns for the Day
Dinner on Your Own

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Day 2, Thursday, March 15

8:00-9:00 AM
Continental Breakfast

Keynote Address: Coffee Talk with @HipHopPrez
What does it mean to tweet presidential? Enter Walter Kimbrough, active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Medium and more. As more and more campus presidents take to digital platforms, lessons can be learned by an early adopter who has made a very significant impact, from the White House to his home campus at Dillard University. Learn how you can support a campus executive who may or may not be comfortable with digital tools and approaches to show the value of social media. 


Elective Sessions (choose one)

  • Pour Me a Pint: 10 Tips on Tap to Manage Your Social Media Workload
    Like bartenders, social media managers have to juggle many different tasks all while working diligently to build community and keep our patrons (audiences) happy. We can't let anyone see us sweat and must balance our crazy workloads. In this session, we will pop open 10 tips on how to successfully manage your social media workload.
  • Identifying Campus Influencers for PR and Crisis Initiatives: A Case Study from the University of Louisville
    Universities, like brands and organizations, are recognizing the growing need to work with their audiences to detect and integrate influencer marketing strategies into their social media and PR campaigns. Audiences, like students and faculty, with the help of social media, have been able to build strong community through these various platforms. In some cases, they have been able to bring forth some insight and expertise to become influencers on and off campus. "Social media influencers (SMIs) represent a new type of independent third party endorser who shape audience attitudes through blogs, tweets and the use of other social media" (Freberg, Graham, McGaughey, & Freberg, 2011, p. 90). SMIs on campus are not only key in positive situations, but can be an essential asset to have in a time of crisis. This presentation highlights the impact influencers had at the University of Louisville during the basketball and university crisis case in 2017, with the help of students enrolled in a PR and crisis communications class. Best practices and lessons learned will be shared.
  • We're LIVE! How to Effectively and Efficiently Execute Social Media at Live Events
    Campus events are a significant component of a university's communications plan. Covering events in real time on social media can be a challenge with so many different platforms to maintain, such as Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories, Facebook Live, live tweets, etc... how can we effectively implement the social media tactics that make sense for a specific event as a small team? How do you prioritize your content during the event? What should you post where, and when? We'll cover this and more so you can confidently execute the social media coverage of your next event, and effectively engaging your community about the exciting happenings on your campus.

11:45 AM-1:00 PM
Lunch on your own

Content Integration is a Major KEY for Higher Ed
Each day our campuses share news stories, report data, distribute magazines, write blog posts and create videos featuring our latest research, accomplishments and campus happenings. But, with so much info clogging our Twitter feeds, Instagram streams, Facebook timelines and Snapchat stories, how do we maximize our content creation processes to reach our target audiences? The KEY = content integration. Learn how campuses are leveraging content integration strategies to maximize efficiencies, reach audiences, hit organizational goals and create kick ass content! 

Elective Sessions (choose one)

  • Turning a Fail into a Win: Using Social Media to Manage Your Brand's Reputation
    Delivering good customer service through social media isn't an extra—it's expected. More than 80 percent of consumers are less likely to engage with a brand after their first question goes unanswered, and more than 80 percent of inquiries on social media go unanswered. Customer service on social media extends to responding to inquiries, addressing reviews and acting as the first point of contact for consumers. Explore how to get started, what tools are needed, how to get leadership buy in and what good social media customer service looks like. By implementing the key takeaways of the session, brands can expect to see an increase in reputation scores and audience engagement.
  • Snapchat and Instagram Stories Mini-Workshop
    Snapchat and Instagram Stories have become a legitimate distribution outlet for the media, including use by CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Vox, Mashable, Buzzfeed and many more. Discover why these channels have grown so dramatically and find out how they have become the key platforms for engaging Millennials and Gen Z. This session demonstrates how marketers can harness the engagement of platform to respond to unfolding events and (believe it or not) even tell substantive stories and provides both a primer into the culture as well as equips you with tactical skills you can use on your own accounts.
  • Panel: Social-first Strategies for Advancement 
    Hear how Tulane University and the University of Connecticut Foundation are using digital insights to personalize outreach, connect donors to interests, drive event attendance, and surface major gift prospects in a multichannel approach to marketing. At UConn, the foundation is personalizing communication with hundreds of thousands of alumni. They'll share how this data-driven approach is raising engagement and helping them retarget event invitations and giving opportunities to interested Huskies. Tulane University is launching a new program to try and drive alumni engagement beyond the 50 percent mark. By connecting social interactions directly to individual alumni, the institution is gathering better intel and using the information to improve outreach, rethink events and expand digital offerings. Both of these institutions will share how they're driving engagement, measuring impact and using digital insights to understand their audience members as they move from social engagers to consistent attendees, volunteers and donors.

Podcasting Panel
Like the blogging boom earlier in the decade, podcasting is finally seeing numbers surge with listenership and actual show options doubling in the last few years. Not surprising, our industry is also seeing this trend, with universities and individual higher education professionals jumping into the platform. This session features a number of those podcasters, including shows that are institution-based, faculty-driven, and even side hustles. Learn what tools they use, lessons learned and their hopes for podcasting in the future. This panel format includes ample time for questions.

Conference Adjourns for the Day
Dinner on Your Own

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Day 3, Friday, March 16

8:00-9:00 AM
Continental Breakfast and Faculty Office Hours

Lightning Talks
Enjoy a rapid-fire series of 8-10 minute talks that focus on one or two key ideas. Talks cover a variety of topics related to social media strategy, tactics and storytelling.

  • Content Strategies That Put Objectives and Metrics First
    Let's start building data-driven content strategies. We'll talk about building engaging, measurable social media marketing plans around a three-tiered marketing funnel - awareness, consideration and action - and how to select the best tactics on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to meet your objectives.
  • How to Get a Better Relevancy Score in Your Facebook Ads
    As organic reach on Facebook goes down, so does the need for Facebook ads. Ads are given a relevancy score that impacts reach and cost per click. Low numbers on ads means organic reach could go down. So the better the ad, the better the reach is on content posted organically. This 10-minute presentation will show you how to get a 6 on your Facebook ads. You might even get a 9.
  • How Adobe Spark Changed Our Social Strategy and Saved Our Bacon
    As communications professionals, we have all heard it - the "we need more video" conversation. How do you integrate more video when you don't know where to start? Or, have resources for video storytelling? Enter Adobe Spark. Wolf explains the planning process, production timeline, and distribution of Spark videos.
  • It's Time to Celebrate: Social Tips for Your Milestone Anniversary
    Approaching a milestone anniversary is no small feat. This presentation will help you think about new and creative ways to celebrate a milestone anniversary on social media. Topics will include 1). Developing a plan, 2). Bringing in your community partners, and 3). Keeping your content fresh.
  • Where Should Social Media Sit in Your Institution?
    Is social media situated appropriately within your institution? What criteria determines where social media lives? What reporting structure is most common? Learn about shifting organizational models and the varied approaches across higher ed to see how your role compares.
  • Old School Social Media
    Social engagement isn't always digital. What would alumni do if they randomly received a surprise package from their alma mater on their doorstep? Not just any surprise, but something memorable that compelled them to connect with their university and their alumni community. Discover new possibilities with this twist on the traditional.

Keynote Address from New Orleans

11:00 AM-NOON
Faculty Firing Line and Closing Remarks
Before you go, fire your questions at our five faculty members. Everything is on the table. In this panel-style session, you will have the chance to ask conference faculty any burning questions.

Conference Adjourns


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