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Day 1, Tuesday, April 4

11:00-11:30 AM

Welcome and Introductions
Meet conference leadership and learn how to get the most out of your time at the institute.

11:45 AM -1:00 PM
University Reputations and the Public: A Roadmap for Higher Education Leaders
There is a significant and growing disconnect in America between those who spend their lives dedicated to higher education and those who pay for and "consume" it. Edelman launched a study to further understand this disconnect, and the results are surprising. The divide now extends to the very assumptions about what higher education is for, and the gap in expectations is impacting university reputations in the public. Julie's presentation sheds some light on that gap, and provides a roadmap for university leaders to bridge and build new paths of conversation about the role of higher education in society.

Enough with the Firefighting Already!
Issues and crises are roiling campus communities like never before—from sexual assault, violence and hate speech to unionization, income disparity, cyber security and questions about ethical research. By their very nature, colleges and universities are at the crossroads of a variety of uniquely challenging issues. How do you stop fighting fires and finally get ahead of some of these issues? What is the difference between an issue and a crisis? Does it matter? Are there things we can borrow from the corporate world that might help? This session looks at a proactive reputational risk management framework—one that can help you identify strategic opportunities and reputational risks; effectively manage crises when they do arise; and create a reservoir of goodwill among all of your stakeholders. Get concrete tools to help you begin to develop or improve your current issues management program and participate in a short scenario-based "options analysis" working session to help a theoretical "Acme University" navigate a particularly thorny issue.

Successfully Leading Media Strategy and Outreach
Media relations is more than just a shot in the dark or a stroke of luck. We have the ability to develop strategies to target specific media, pitch features that align with our strategic plans or initiatives, and place stories that reinforce our brands. Hear from a panel of media relations gurus on the proactive media relations approaches that are working and how they are earning hits with multiplying benefits. And, as importantly, learn how they are sharing these placements internally to gain support for their efforts from across campus.

National Media Panel

Networking Reception
Join conference speakers and your colleagues to network and unwind after the first day of the conference. Don't forget your business cards! Drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be provided. Reception will be held in conjunction with the Institute for Senior Alumni Relations Professionals.

Conference Adjourns for the Day
Dinner on your own

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Day 2, Wednesday, April 5

8:00-8:30 AM
Continental Breakfast

Integrated Digital Strategy: A Vision
Institutions can reach an unprecedented number of people through nearly unlimited digital touch points. The opportunities available to a marketing leader are nearly as endless and focusing can be daunting. An institution must not only create provocative and engaging campaigns to stay top-of-mind with prospective students, alumni and donors. It must also create a true extension of its brand through a cohesive and consistent digital strategy. This session will enable leaders to craft a strong, strategic vision that extends the brand's reach through digital. We'll discuss how to finesse and balance the right multichannel marketing mix to advance your institution's story and evolve your brand. And you'll be armed with the best practices in deploying digital advertising, data analytics and social media to ensure maximum effectiveness and impact.

Email Strategy for Higher Ed: You Used to Call Me On My Cell Phone
In 2012, email accounted for more than $490 million of the $690 million the Obama campaign raised online, and was a key driver of messaging and engagement that won President Obama a second term. Today, email is a given for most programs, yet in spite of the buzz, it remains difficult for organizations to get the resources needed to "do" email at a level of sophistication required to see the ROI. This presentation and conversation focuses on email best practices, myths, the future of email, and how universities can think of email as their new best friend—whether you're already a pro, or are thinking about how to get started.

Networking Coffee Break

Digital Fundraising Trends
Are you thinking about a Day of Giving? Do you have faculty begging for your institution to provide a crowdfunding platform? Have you thought about Big Data and the way that tracking digital activity might give your fundraisers insights into their prospects? The digital era is opening up new opportunities to engage external audiences and mobilize philanthropic support for colleges and universities. In this session, we'll talk about key digital fundraising trends and emerging possibilities for collaboration between Marketing & Communications and Development.

11:15 AM-NOON
Digital Measurement for Marketing Leaders
Digital communications platforms provide an almost infinite volume of data, but you don't have unlimited time to sift through it. In this session, we'll cover the basics of web, social and email analytics with an eye toward helping you identify the right metrics to focus on given your particular business goals and work productively with your web and digital communications teams.

NOON-1:30 PM
Lunch on your own

Afternoon Workshop: Everyone Builds the Brand: Becoming Your Campus Change Agent
A clearly differentiated market position is the difference between universities that flourish and flounder in the face of unprecedented competition. But a unique, compelling and authentic brand promise seems to evade us because we share endless similarities. The brand promise goes far beyond a brand book—it must be felt in the classroom, at the dining hall, among donors and with alumni.

This afternoon workshop moves fast. Through structured facilitation, participants learn from each other to make their institution more competitive. Learn how to increase buy-in, elevate your voice among chief executives, and shift from tactical to strategic work as part of the brand building process.

Conference Adjourns for the Day
Dinner on your own

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Day 3, Thursday, April 6

8:00-9:00 AM
Continental Breakfast

Integration and Coordination: Building and Connecting Campaign Messaging to Build Position and Drive Engagement, Fundraising and Enrollment Performance
As colleges and universities build their institutional brands and messages, how can they effectively integrate these initiatives to maximize institutional benefit? How can these efforts best be coordinated among campus leaders and teams who drive engagement, fundraising and enrollment? Ed Sevilla, senior vice president for strategic communications at Grenzebach Glier + Associates, leads a panel discussion of practitioners at universities to address these issues and shares ideas and approaches. Come join the conversation!

Hello, Data. Meet, Real World.
"We're a best-kept secret" is a dreaded phrase far too many marketers hear. Similarly, "What's the ROI of that billboard?" can undermine marketing investment. What's a wise marketer to do? This session focuses on using research and data to build strategic buy-in for the role and value of your institution's brand and support for marketing efforts. Review strategies for measuring nascent brand equity concepts, establishing and reporting on KPI's, benchmarking data for other institutions, and for uncovering insight that underlies your success.

11:30 AM-NOON
Faculty Panel and Conference Wrap-up

Conference Adjourns


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