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Day 1, Wednesday, March 22

NOON-1:00 PM

Conference Welcome
Conference chair Bob Burdenski welcomes attendees, provides an overview of the conference and introduces the faculty.

This Afternoon's Annual Giving Innovations
Things continue to evolve fast in fundraising. Bob Burdenski provides an overview of the current state of the profession, its challenges, opportunities and horizon issues.

Elective Sessions (choose one)

  • Giving Day +1: Advanced Strategies for Giving Day Success
    You've successfully launched a giving day appeal. Now, how do you fine-tune it for fundraising success? Discover the story behind William and Mary's "One Tribe" giving day growth over the past several years—and where they're headed next.
  • Annual Giving Analytics
    We use analytics to measure our success and to make decisions regarding our goal setting, strategic planning, and our allocation of resources. Sometimes analytics can feel intimidating or can seem too complicated to get into beyond surface levels. In this session, we will start with some basic tactics for analyzing your results and your opportunities and then take some deep dives into more sophisticated methods for using analytics to drive your program toward success.

  • Annual Giving at Nontraditional Institutions and Super-Small Shops
    In the commuter campus, community college and distance learning environments, it's all about using precious and few resources to generate impact. You will leave this session with a plan to streamline your annual giving program. From confirming the program's purpose to identifying constituencies, preparing appeals, processing gifts, and thanking, engaging and sustaining donors.

Elective Sessions (choose one)

  • Putting "Annual" Into "Annual Giving"
    Each year 40 to 50 percent of our donors do not make a second gift. In this session, we tap into traditions, creativity and stewardship secrets to remain a priority for our benefactors' annual giving. Hear about some surefire strategies to woo abiding passion for our important work and deepened relationships with donors.

  • The Crowdfunding Conundrum: Achieving Advancement Goals Beyond the Platform
    This session offers a rundown of institutional examples of who's using crowdfunding to increase participation, broaden the donor base, identify major gift prospects and pinpoint donor interests.

  • Class Giving Strategies for a Social Media World
    Leveraging social media and peer to peer to dramatically increase engagement and participation. Learn how Babson College has grown a class-based day of giving model over the past several years to dramatically increase participation in reunion and young alumni classes.

Networking Reception

Conference Adjourns for the Day
Dinner on your own

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Day 2, Thursday, March 23

All Day Thursday
The Pulse of the Proceedings
Are you wondering what other fundraisers are doing but are afraid to ask? We've got it covered with a first-ever CASE event live poll. Throughout the day, we'll be asking questions through a mobile conference platform. Questions about annual giving priorities, key hurdles and successes, use of new channels, and your opinions on key annual giving trends. Results and highlights will be summarized on Friday.
Coordinated by Brian Gawor

8:00-9:00 AM
Continental Breakfast

Stanford Hangs Up
Stanford University used data analytics to listen to its constituents and understand how they felt about the Stanford Telefund calling program—and how they wanted their relationship with the university to change. Find out how Stanford used these insights to make the case for change internally, to communicate externally, and to ensure its annual program is evolving to meet the needs of constituents.

Elective Sessions (choose one)

  • Attention is the Commodity: The Multichannel Annual Giving Plan
    Discover why multiple touch points with consistent messaging are required for fundraising success in today's distracted and noisy world. Explore various points on the donor decision cycle where your content and channel can help to keep your message in your prospect's mind, and ensure that he or she is ready to act. Discuss comprehensive multichannel strategies for email marketing, direct mail, telemarketing, social media and personal outreach.
  • Working with Volunteers: More Fun than a Box of Frogs
    The annual giving team can play a key role in developing institutional relationships with a broad range of potential supporters. Identifying, recruiting, engaging, recognizing and retiring volunteers is an important process that can significantly add to the effectiveness of the institution's work. To add value to your overall operation, your volunteer program needs to be structured. Opportunities need to be clearly defined, as do the responsibilities and rewards. Volunteers can provide valuable assistance at numerous levels, from leadership, asking, networking and writing to event management and stuffing envelopes. Maximizing this support, whilst considering the potential pitfalls, also needs to be recognized and procedures established to ensure the arrangement is positive for all. This session covers why and how we engage volunteers, how we work with volunteers, and the challenges that come with it
  • The Fine-Tuned Phonathon
    For most of us, our phonathon is still a valuable tool in the annual giving tool kit. Our constituents have an evolving relationship with their telephones, and our phonathons must keep up with that evolution to stay relevant. How do we meet the needs of our programs while continuing to meet the wishes of our constituents? There are easy ways to remain donor-centric and data-driven in planning an effective phonathon. Learn how to plan, segment, and train callers for increased efficiencies. Additionally, the phonathon is an under-utilized resource for our partners in advancement. Learn tactics for weaving prospect research, donor relations, planned giving, and leadership annual giving into your phonathon program.

11:45 AM-1:15 PM
Lunch on your own

Attention Shoppers! Thirty Annual Giving Products and Services to Help You Do Your Job Better, Cheaper, Easier and Faster
Some terrific new apps, services and solutions have come online in recent months. This session offers a rundown of which does what, and why they're worth your while.

This session is delivered via Video-PHONECAST. Join us, free, from anywhere. Click here for details.

Sponsored by Community Phonecast

Elective Sessions (choose one)

  • Reading Between the Lines: Using Analytics to Understand How to Maximize Relevancy in Message and Medium for Your Key Populations
    Learn how to conduct a thorough population and marketing program analysis (using only the data already in your database) in order to glean key constituent insights and develop testable hypothesis' to enhance the constituent experience and improve direct marketing results.
  • Running with Scissors: The Art of Conversation and Personal Solicitation
    You've got a prospect portfolio. You might even be managing a team that has prospect portfolios. Now what? Wear your lycra, this is high-impact aerobic preparation. There is little about making a successful prospect call that should be left to chance. Much of that success is a result of preparation, planning and experience. Let's talk about how to best position ourselves for positive discussions and outcomes by looking at the dynamics of great and not-so-great calls, visits and meetings.

Elective Sessions (choose one)

  • The CASE Circle of Excellence Awards for Annual Giving: Who Won What and Why?
    Get a rundown of recent recognized achievement in annual giving from among the CASE membership. Who's pushing the envelope in annual giving, and how are they doing it?

    This session is delivered via Video-PHONECAST. Join us, free, from anywhere. Click here for details.
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  • The Democratization of Philanthropy: Affinity-Based Giving
    One-size doesn't fit all, and prospects want to make informed decisions with their hard-earned cash. With more options and philanthropic causes to consider than ever before, donors are in control. So, give the masses what they want by implementing an affinity giving program, which connects potential donors to the things they actually care about at your institution by leveraging their personal histories and pre-established networks.  In this session, you'll learn about why an affinity-based fundraising strategy may help to engage prospects who have previously not resonated with traditional, unrestricted appeals. Get practical suggestions to help spark nostalgia amidst your donors, activate volunteer peer networks, and maintain campaign momentum across multiple channels in order to reach your goals.
  • When Worlds Collide: Annual Giving and a Capital Campaign
    Two big brands collide when the annual giving campaign runs into the capital campaign. What's the right identity and role of each? Is it a moment to go quiet about annual giving, or a time to turn up the volume? Does a campaign "cannibalize" annual giving, or can the annual giving program emerge from a campaign stronger than ever?

Conference Adjourns for the Day
Dinner on your own

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Day 3, Friday, March 24

8:00-9:00 AM
Continental Breakfast and Roundtables

The Pulse of the Proceedings: The Votes Are In
A summary of Thursday's all-day polling about about annual giving priorities, key hurdles and successes, use of new channels, and key annual giving trends, as well as favorite quotes from participants.
Presenter: Brian Gawor

Participation Success Stories and How They Did It
A panel of representatives from several different types of educational institutions offer insights into the strategies they used to achieve their alumni participation growth in the past year.

11:00 AM-NOON
Final Faculty Q&A

Conference Adjourns

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