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Day 1, Wednesday, June 17

NOON-1:00 PM

Welcome and Introductions

Making Multimedia in 2015
The origin of the term multimedia can be traced back almost 50 years, often co-mingling with phrases such as "intermedia" and "new media." With all media flowing across multiple platforms, what does it mean to create multimedia in 2015? This session will prompt participants to engage in an active discussion to define this paradigm and in turn identify the unique characteristics of the multimedia experience.

Multimedia and Content Strategy: Til Death Do Us Part
Learn how to establish a content strategy from scratch that marries yours and other's multimedia efforts at the core.

Social Media and Multimedia
Faculty Panel
Bring your questions, the faculty will be in the hot seats to answer your questions about using multimedia in social media. If you're looking for best practices or new ideas, ask away.

Networking Reception

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Day 2, Thursday, June 18

8:00-9:00 AM
Continental Breakfast and Roundtables

How Do you Conceive, Construct and Tell a Great Story?
Learn about the art of storytelling from Nina Seavey, an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and nearly 30-year veteran of the documentary world. Her work can be seen in cinemas, on television, on multiple platforms of ancillary media, and in museum installations across the globe.

11:30 AM-1:00 PM
Lunch on your own

Group Creative
After learning how to conceive, construct and tell a great story, participants will be separated into small groups to develop a storyboard for a specific call to action.

Storyboard Review and Feedback

Conference Adjourns for the Day
Dinner on your own

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Day 3, Friday, June 19

7:00-8:00 AM
Continental Breakfast and Roundtables

Elective Sessions (choose one)

  • Scalable Video Production
    This session will explore techniques and approaches to video production that can be applied at any budget. Learn to act as a producer, work with videographers and bring your institution's stories to the audiences you want to reach.
  • Photo-based Multimedia: From Hasselblad to Instagram
    150 years on, the photograph remains an effective means of visual communication and expression. Award-winning photographer Sonia Targontsidis will offer insights based on her wide range of experience as both an art photographer and most recently, digital strategist at Wheaton College. Participants will learn shooting techniques to elevate their photos, as well as strategies for effectively distributing and integrating that work.

Elective Sessions (choose one)

  • The Serial Effect: Audio-based Content
    Spurred on by NPR's 2014 runaway hit, "Serial," the podcast appears to be enjoying a renaissance-but there's more to audio content than just podcasts. In addition to the whats and hows of creating a podcast, learn about the role of audio in multimedia, soundscaping, and sonic branding, and why audio might just be the most effective communication channel there is.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Measuring Success Along the Journey
    Using a higher education decision journey framework, you'll learn about and work on establishing key metrics for success and a reporting structure for your multimedia efforts.

Elective Sessions (choose one)

  • The Art of the Video Interview
    The video interview persists as a tried and true narrative format for both institutional and entertainment purposes. In this session, Ravi Jain offers hands-on tips for producing effective, engaging interview based content, drawing from his time as a member of the PBS series' American Experience to his current projects at Boston College.
  • Print to screen: The Evolution of the University Magazine
    College magazines are filled with your school's best stories - stories too good to be shared only on paper. Along with a redesign of the print magazine, Elizabethtown College launched an online edition. In this session, Donna will share the new editorial model used for this multiplatform publication. You will learn how you can plan content for the magazine with print, web and multimedia in mind, promote this content and re- purpose it elsewhere. Donna will also share highlights of E-town's new online news website, E-town NOW, and show how this platform fills in gaps between magazines.

11:45 AM-12:15 PM 
Q&A and Conference Wrap-up

Conference Adjourns

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Day 1 Day 2 Day 3