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North American Fundraising & Alumni Relations Study Tour 2019

June 17 - 20, 2019

Boston, United States

The North American Fundraising & Alumni Relations Study Tour is a unique opportunity to visit and learn from the operations of other institutions, meeting with development and alumni leaders to discuss key issues including: international fundraising, discussions about structure, staffing, advancement programmes, developing campaigns, relationships with academics and much more.

You will also have time allocated to conduct your own meetings within the week.

Benefits of attending:

  • Peek behind the curtain at four diverse institutions and learn best practices that you can apply at your own shop.
  • Spend a week with colleagues from all over the world and build a network that will extend far beyond your time together in Boston.
  • Hear directly from key decision makers and strategy drivers at each stop on the tour.
  • Learn from successful fundraising campaigns in US institutions and how elements of these can be transferred to your institution.
  • Each day you'll have an opportunity to reflect and engage in peer to peer dialogue that will reinforce your learning experience.
  • Return home with a wider knowledge of advancement, showcase expertise and best practice from a range of institutions.

Who should attend?
The study tour is aimed at development and alumni directors, their peers across professional services, and academic colleagues, including: 

  • Senior development, fundraising and alumni relations practitioners within higher education (worldwide)
  • Senior marketing and communications staff with line management responsibility for development and alumni relations
  • Senior professional staff across universities (for example registrars, chief operating officers)
  • Academic staff who engage with development and alumni relations

The following institutions are confirmed to host the tour:

Boston University 

Boston College

Northeastern University 

Brandeis University

"The North American study tour continues to resonate and support what I do even three years after I took part. The visits to institutions such as MIT and Boston College were enormously stimulating, but it was also great to visit one of the community colleges in the City University of New York system, and be inspired by their access mission - making us realise that regardless of the size or history of the organisation, we all face the same basic issues. What we all took away from these visits was the sense of commitment and long-term support for the Advancement mission that these institutions all had in common. Above all, many of us on the tour became friends, and much more so than just colleagues. I have since worked with a number of these guys on CASE events, and keep in touch with many of the group who are from all over the world. I cannot recommend this tour highly enough."

Bill Abraham
Director of Development, University of London
North American Advancement Study Tour, 2016


This is a high level and small-scale opportunity for senior leaders, with limited spaces available. To register your interest, please email our Educational Programmes Manager, Seren Bradshaw at or call +44 (0)20 7448 9499.