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Master Class: Alumni Engagement Beyond the Metrics: Building the Engagement Model for Your Institution

Feb. 6, 2018

9 a.m. - 4 :30 p.m.

Alumni engagement has become a priority for all institutions. Using innovative alumni engagement strategies, institutions are successfully growing their volunteer and donor pipelines. How do you determine what programs are the best fit for your institution, given limited resources and alumni bandwidth?

We will discuss various models that work for all levels of institutions, and examine effective approaches and strategies from around the globe. We will detail how these models can engage both your domestic and international alumni, and how they can help you reconnect with "lost" alumni. A panel of local alumni leaders will share the achievements and challenges they encountered while implementing their engagement models. 

Speaker David D. Flinchbaugh brings years of CASE and IBM teaching expertise to this session, and will share his own experiences at building engagement models for leading US institutions as well as his experience with international alumni engagement.

Session Highlights:
  • The latest evolution of alumni engagement models across varying institutions
  • Taking your metric goals and translating them into a defined resource model
  • The Australian/Asian alumni engagement perspective from practitioners
  • An end-of-the-day panel discussion with attendees to answer any other questions - or provide opinions - about current alumni resource planning and funding models that may best serve your institution

Learning Outcomes:
  • Develop a framework for your institution's alumni engagement strategy
  • Be inspired by success stories from institutions with limited resources
  • Learn how to translate alumni metrics into models
  • Understand and assess various strategies and tools to locate lost alumni
  • Identify examples of successful domestic and international alumni engagement
  • Gain insights from a wide sampling of international institutions

Who should attend:
  • Alumni relations professionals (across all levels of experience)