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Program - Annual Conference for Institutionally Related Foundations

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Day 1, Wednesday, April 18

Preconference workshop

9:00 AM

10:00 AM-NOON
IRF Newcomers Workshop  - Seperate registration required
Intended for people new to the IRF field, learn how to access CASE resources and maximize this conference experience. Networking opportunity and light refreshments available. CASE members and nonmembers welcome.

Ginny DeSanto, Vice President, CFO & Treasurer, Arizona State University Foundation
Brian Hastings, President and CEO, University of Nebraska Foundation
Vita Pickrum, President, Delaware State University Foundation

Donna Vuchinich, President and CEO, University of Hawaii Foundation

Main Conference

Welcome and Opening Session
Chair Julie Falgout, president and CEO of the University of Lousiana-Lafayette Foundation, welcomes attendees to the 26th annual conference. Businesswoman and philanthropist Anita Zucker shares her thoughts and perspectives on the role of philanthropy in public higher education.
Anita Zucker, Chief Executive Officer, The InterTech Group, Inc.

Elective Sessions

  • Get Your Strategic Plan Off the Shelf and Onto Your Desktop
    How many of us have spent months developing a detailed strategic plan, only to see it languish somewhere deep within our website, never to be looked at—until it's time to develop a new one? At the Oregon State University Foundation, we've adopted an approach to strategic planning that advances the foundation vision, maps directly to the goals of the university, and drives annual and campaign strategies. Central to our planning culture is a simple, but powerful concept—our commitment to a set of annual "vital few goals." This will be an interactive session, covering our successes, challenges, lessons learned and ideas to share about how you too can bring strategic planning to life, and make it both a visionary and practical tool to achieve success. Learn how you can embrace strategic planning in your organization and "live the plan"!
    Shawn Scoville,
    Executive Vice President; and Kristin Watkins, Associate Vice President of Development, Oregon State University Foundation
  • The Economy, Markets and Implications for IRFs
    Scott Middleton discusses in understandable terms the key aspects of the world economy and financial markets, especially looking forward to the next five to 10 years. What are the most important economic and investment factors that a foundation's leadership should consider for the long term? What are the implications of current valuations (equities, fixed income, and other investments) on portfolio diversification, future returns and cash flows? What should institutional fundraising professionals be proactively discussing with major donors in light of the outlook for the economy and markets?
    Scott Middleton,
    Chair, Investment Committee, Innovest Portfolio Solutions
  • FASB Accounting Update
    Change is coming, so don't be caught off guard. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has recently issued accounting standards updates that will impact the Not-for-Profit (NFP) industry, including IRFs. This session will discuss these updates that will impact revenue recognition, the NFP financial reporting model, leases, and more. In addition, the session will also cover other FASB projects that are in progress and what is on the horizon for the NFP industry
    Jeff Fucito,
    Partner; and Jon Schultz, Director, Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC

Affinity Groups
An opportunity for foundation executives to discuss issues in an informal setting with your peers.

  • CEOs/EDs/COOs
  • CFOs/Controllers/Financial Staff
  • Community College Foundation Staff
  • Advancement/Legal Counsel

Welcome Reception
Join conference speakers and your colleagues to network and unwind after the first day.

Conference Adjourns for the Day
Dinner on your own

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Day 2, Thursday, April 19

8:00-9:00 AM
Breakfast Roundtables
Small and interactive, facilitated discussions.

Separating Fact from Fiction: State Scrutiny of Institutionally Related Foundations
As public colleges and universities continue to raise more and more private support, state lawmakers and officials are beginning to ask more questions about the role of foundations. An expert panel will discuss IRF scrutiny in their states and share strategies on how foundation leaders can demonstrate their value to state officials.
Scott Hawkins, Board Member, University of Florida Foundation; Katherine Sawyer, Chief Advancement Officer, Oakton Community College Foundation; and Kimera Way, President, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation
Moderator: Brian Flahaven, Senior Director for Advocacy, CASE

Elective Sessions

  • Giving Patterns of High Net Worth Donors
    What are the trends in charitable giving among high-net worth households in the U.S.? How do wealthy individuals and families determine their giving, and what motivates them? How are donors' personal values aligned with those of the institutions they support? Join Bill Jarvis in a review of the findings of the most recent U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy.

    Attendees will learn (i) trends in charitable giving among high-net worth households, (ii) factors that influence giving by wealthy individuals, and the relationship between personal values and charitable giving.
    William Jarvis, Managing Director, Market Strategy and Delivery, US Trust

  • Better Together: Building Strong College and Foundation Relationships
    Since President Stefani Hicswa's arrival at Northwest College in 2013, she and Foundation Executive Director Shelby Wetzel have forged a successful team that locals affectionately refer to as "Thelma and Louise." They share insights to help you:
    • Structure a memorandum of understanding that brings about a meaningful partnership,
    • Promote collaboration between college and foundation board members regarding fundraising planning and
    • Function as a powerful team in donor cultivation and solicitation.

    Stefani Hicswa, President, Northwest College; and Shelby Wetzel, Executive Director, Northwest College Foundation

  • Investment Officer Panel: Meeting the Challenges of 2018 and Beyond
    Investment managers from three endowments discuss their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities in the current market environment. Listen as they talk about a variety of investment topics that are sure to be prevalent in investment committee meetings this year. Additionally, the panel discusses topics that are most relevant to donors, such as how they can use endowments to maximize their impact on their university.
    Charmel Maynard, Associate Vice President/University Treasurer, University of Miami; Rip Mecherle, Chief Investment Officer, University of Tennessee; and Ken Souza, Director of Investments, University of South Florida Foundation
    Moderator: Ken Redd, Senior Director, Research & Policy Analysis, NACUBO

Noon-1:30 PM
CASE Commonfund Awards Luncheon
Honor the 2018 recipients of the 2018 CASE Commonfund Institutionally Related Foundation Awards.
Lisa Gibert, President and CEO, Clark College Foundation; and Tiffani Shaw, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, University of Iowa Foundation

IRFx Sessions
Experts from local Miami business schools provide quick-hitting presentations on topics related to leadership and management.
Sheryl Alonso,
Academic Director, Johnson A. Edosomwan Leadership Institute and Lecturer, Management, University of Miami School of Business; and Jaime Franco, Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Management and International Business, Florida International University College of Business 

Who's on First? Managing Your Team for Effectiveness
This interactive session focuses on team leadership and building a stronger team. You will investigate your team style and effectiveness as a team leader. The objectives of this session are to increase your knowledge of team leadership and interpersonal communication skills necessary to work in teams and exercise leadership in teams.
Sheryl Alonso, Academic Director, Johnson A. Edosomwan Leadership Institute and Lecturer, Management, University of Miami School of Business

Who's on Second? A Values-Based Leadership Approach
In this session you will conduct self-examinations to identify your predominant leadership style. You will also examine your values and better understand the impact of these on your [ethical] decision-making. The objectives of this session are twofold: one, to gain a deeper understanding of who you are as a leader and two, to learn how to better harness your values and strengths to lead courageously.
Jaime Franco, Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Management and International Business, Florida International University College of Business

Elective Sessions

  • Trends in Foundation Funding
    How are foundations funding their operations and managing their budgets? And what funding sources are the most prevalent among foundations. Learn about the latest trends in IRF funding from leaders representing four different types of foundations. Data from the FY17 IRF Data Book Survey will be shared during this session.
    Kim Elliott, Chief Financial Officer, University of South Carolina Foundation; Rob Fischman, Chief Financial Officer, University of South Florida Foundation; Mark Long, Chief Financial Officer, Georgia Tech Foundation; and Michelle Matis, Chief Financial Officer, Valencia Foundation
    Moderator: Dale Palmer, Chief Financial Officer, Georgia State University Foundation
  • The Four Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your IRF's Wildly Important Goals
    The University of Colorado Foundation's senior leadership team has engaged in strategic planning and goal setting for FY 2018. The process included a series of meetings among senior staff to identify, prioritize and define the foundation's strategic goals. This effort has been guided by the approach described in the book, The 4 Disciplines of Execution, by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey and Jim Huling.
    Mike Pritchard,
    Chief Financial Officer, University of Colorado Foundation
  • Gift Acceptance Issues in Higher Education: How to Protect Your Institution
    Should your Institution accept every gift that comes its way? It's hard to say "No thanks!" to donors, but sometimes that may be the best answer. This session focuses on issues surrounding the acceptance and processing of various gifts that are common at higher education institutions.
    Jeff Fucito,
    Partner, Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC; and Jon Schultz, Director, Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC

Strengthening Foundation Communications
How is your foundation perceived by students? Donors? The public? Are your foundation and institution on the same page when it comes to messaging? A panel of senior leaders in foundation communications share insights on how IRFs can strengthen their brand. Tips for working with media will be discussed.
Dorothy Endacott, Vice President, Marketing Communications, University of Nebraska Foundation; and Dana Larson, Executive Director, Communications and Marketing, University of Iowa Center for Advancement
Moderator: Anne Botteri, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 

Evening Networking Reception

Conference Adjourns for the Day
Dinner on your own

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Day 3, Friday, April 20

8:00-8:30 AM
Continental Breakfast

Elective Sessions

  • Bridging the Endowment Gap: Advancement for Small Foundations
    Smaller and emerging college foundations need to grow and sustain their endowments and annual funds. Often times these under-funded foundations serve communities where need is greatest. The need for development in high-need, low-resource communities is urgent. As they strive for greater impact, it is imperative that small foundations explore creative ways to increase access to resources amid challenges of geography, demography and capacity. Explore how small and emerging foundations can meet the ever-mounting challenges to secure public and private support to sustain and build communities for future generations.
    Terry Mulert,
    Executive Director, Northern New Mexico College Foundation
  • Day to Day Tax Complexities
    Participate in an audience-driven session addressing various tax issues frequently encountered by foundations. Topics include common risk areas important to nonprofits such as unrelated business income, compensation and fringe benefits, governance, state and local compliance considerations, corporate sponsorships and advertising, fraud, and more. During the session, audience members will guide the presenter through the questions and answers on complex tax topics frequently impacting foundations. Participants will walk away with a great mix of internal and external perspective while guiding the direction of the presentation, in addition to learning the varied perspectives of colleagues.
    Karen Gries,
    Principal, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
  • Building a Strong Foundation Board that's Meaningful to Your Organization and Your Board Members
    Do you feel like your foundation board members are not supporting you, your organization and ultimately not satisfied with their volunteer role? A formal board contract, restructuring and other activities may help revitalize your board in ways you never thought possible. Get hands-on templates and tips for changing the philanthropic culture and effectiveness of your foundation board.
    Kristen Bennett, Executive Director, Trinity Valley Community College Foundation

Commonfund Seminar
Commonfund Institute will present data and insights from the 2018 NACUBO-Commonfund Study of Endowments with a particular focus on data from institutionally related foundations. The presentation will be followed by a roundtable discussion on investment policy design and execution in the context of a maturing market cycle.
Keith Luke,
President, Commonfund Securities, Inc.; Holly Newell, Chief Financial Officer, Florida State University Foundation; and Mark Long, Chief Financial Officer, Georgia Tech Foundation

11:00 AM-NOON
Washington Update
During the fast and furious 41 days that federal tax reform legislation was introduced, debated, passed and signed into law, higher ed won some battles and lost others. How does the new law affect IRFs? And what advocacy strategies made the difference? This session focuses on the lessons learned from the great tax reform debate of 2017 and how foundations can use these lessons to shape future advocacy efforts.
Brian Flahaven, Senior Director for Advocacy, CASE

Conference Adjourns

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