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2017 Higher Education Government Relations Conference

Dec. 6 - 8, 2017
Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina
San Diego, Calif., United States

As higher education government relations professionals prepare for the 2018 state legislative sessions, a host of political, economic, demographic, and technological changes have ushered in a new, more complicated era for advancing the public higher education agenda. Greater political polarization has eroded public faith in some institutions, including higher education, and public college campuses have been caught in the middle of high-profile state budget stalemates and disputes over campus speech. State tax revenue growth, along with reinvestment in public higher education, has remained sluggish in recent years for many states despite low unemployment and growing economy. Rapid demographic and technological changes also present vexing new questions to policymakers and campus leaders on how to configure higher education for the next generation. As all these changes swirl, a pivotal mid-term election looms that could influence state and national politics for the upcoming decade. 

This conference is designed to help higher education government relations professionals from institutions, systems, and governing/coordinating boards understand and navigate this era. It will feature practical strategies on how individuals in these roles can build a broader base of support for public higher education, engage stakeholders, build coalitions, and employ effective government relations strategies. Participants will hear from a diverse array of seasoned professionals involved in all aspects of the legislative process for insight on how to best advance the public higher education agenda amid polarization, uncertainty and change. 

Conference Partners:  CASE, American Association of State Colleges and Universities, Association of Public Land-grant Universities, American Association of Community Colleges

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