Conferences & Training

Getting My Points Across

March 15, 2019
Raymond Priestley Building, The University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia


Communication in the form of writing and speaking is a critical skill for everyone, particularly early career fundraisers. This workshop allows the participants to gain insights into writing to and for donors, developing proposals and case studies, understanding the different types of prospect meetings, and working out how to approach face-to-face meetings. In addition, to the more general aspect of communication, participants will learn tools and resources needed to ensure they can work safely in advancement.

Session Highlights:

• Communicating stories with impact
• Crafting conversations that drive philanthropy
• How to think safety first when conducting any face to face meeting with an external stakeholder

Learning Outcomes:

• Understand the different writing styles to suit different communication skills
• What to expect and say when meeting with donors 
• Tips and tools to execute your role safely

Target Audience (i.e. Who should attend):

• Early career fundraisers
• Staff new to Advancement
• Any Advancement staff interested in honing their communication skills