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Day 1, Wednesday, Jan. 9

Noon-1:00 PM

Welcome, Introductions and Overview

The Strategic Alliance: Enrollment Services and Marketing
Every organization structures enrollment services and marketing in different ways. We've embedded marketing in admissions at the University of Pittsburgh - for now. What's working for us and what's working (and not working!) for you?

What Millennials and GenZ are Thinking
Four distinct generations are working together shoulder to shoulder, each with a unique set of attitudes, values and work styles. Institutions are feeling the pinch to attract both Millennials and Gen Z students by engaging them and helping them understand that Higher Education is not just what you learn in class, but the experiences you have outside of it. The value proposition for these prospective students have never been higher and you need to identify what engages them. Join us as we help you develop approaches for communication across generational divides, identify stereotypes that keep us from understanding other generations and examine key trends of future prospects.

Enrollment Marketing: How Diversity Impacts Your Institution
Learn how the changes in the demographics of your institutions potential attendees impact the way you develop your enrollment marketing strategy.

Day 1 Wrap Up

Networking Reception
Join conference speakers and your colleagues to network and unwind after the first day of the conference. Don't forget your business cards! Drink tickets and hors d'oeuvres will be provided.

Conference Adjourns for the Day
Dinner on your own OR optional small group dinners; sign-up required


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Day 2, Thursday, Jan. 10

8:00-9:00 AM
Continental Breakfast/Roundtables: Brand/Social Media

Brand-Driven Messaging
Sometimes it can feel like the institutional brand is a burden--an immovable mountain of logo guidelines and messaging mandatories that get between you and your goals. It shouldn't feel that way. In this session we'll show you how your brand is an asset by covering how brand-infused communications can not only increase the quality of your leads- but increase your overall retention rate because you've drawn the right fit students.

CASE Study and Small Group Discussion #1
Discuss how your institution's brand impacts your enrollment marketing.

11:30 AM-1:00 PM
Lunch on your own

Understanding the Potential for Advanced Data Analytics in Enrollment
Big data, predictive analytics and machine learning (Advanced Analytics) are all tools that can be used to understand the likelihood for a student to enroll in an institution. When coupled with a strategic marketing plan, advanced analytics can have a dramatic result on outcomes (e.g., more best-fit students that reach your "shape the class" goals) and give you a greater understanding of the individuals -- such as their likelihood to persist. In addition, a well-designed advanced analytics platform can provide effectiveness metrics related to your marketing programs.

CASE Study and Small Group Discussion #2
Bring data with you to start exploring how you can use the data wisely; and if you don't know where to find the data, we'll help you uncover some helpful resources.

Horizon Issues
Just like the sunset, what we see in the future changes each day. Where should we, as professionals, focus our attention for the next year, or five years?

Day 2 Wrap Up

Conference Adjourns for the Day
Dinner on your own OR optional small group dinners; sign-up required


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Day 3: Friday, Jan. 11

8:00-9:00 AM
Continental Breakfast

Telling Your Institution's Story
Since we first began talking to each other, telling stories has been a powerful way to capture attention, engage an audience, and motivate them to act. As we learn more about how our minds work, we’re also discovering that stories are intrinsic to decision-making, shape our view of the world, and affect our actions every day. In this session, Celia will explain why storytelling remains the single most powerful communication tool you possess, and she will offer specific ways to mine your institution for stories that will resonate with prospective students.

10:15 - 11:15
CASE Study and Small Group Discussion #3: Start Writing Stories for Your Institution

11:15-12:00 PM
Wrap-Up and Future Planning

12:00 PM
Conference Adjourns

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