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Day 1, Wednesday, June 6

NOON-1:00 PM

Welcome and Introductions
Welcome to the conference! Successful enrollment relies on effective marketing, so let's talk about this relationship—together!

The Strategic Alliance: Enrollment Services and Marketing
Every organization structures enrollment services and marketing in different ways. Marketing is embedded in admissions at the University of Pittsburgh—for now. What’s working for us and what’s working (and not working!) for you?

What Prospects are Thinking
This session will explore college-bound students’ perceptions of costs, rankings and institutional categories (e.g. liberal arts, public university, etc.) and how these notions in turn influence application and enrollment decisions. These key findings will be drawn from Art & Science Group’s studentPOLL research, a national study of college-bound high school students. In addition, a case study from the University of Pittsburgh will bring to life how communications and admissions departments collaborate to adapt a strategic framework that bolsters enrollment objectives.

Market Stimulation: Paid, digital, social, and web


Networking Reception
Join conference attendees and speakers to network with your colleagues. Complimentary hors d'oeuvres and drink tickets will be provided.

Workshop Adjourns for the Day
Dinner on your own


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Day 2, Thursday, June 7

8:00-9:00 AM
Continental Breakfast

Understanding the Potential for Advanced Data Analytics in Enrollment
Big data, predictive analytics and machine learning (“Advanced Analytics”) are all tools that can be used to understood the likelihood for a student to enroll in an institution. When coupled with a strategic marketing plan, Advanced Analytics can have a dramatic result on outcomes (e.g., more best-fit students that reach your “shape the class” goals) and give you a greater understanding of the individuals – such as their likelihood to persist. In addition, a well-designed Advanced Analytics platform can provide effectiveness metrics related to your marketing programs.

Marketing for a New Generation
Today’s college-going population reflects a dynamic, changing demographic. These future scholars require that higher education institutions rethink how we connect and communicate with them. This session will address the major challenges and opportunities facing enrollment teams and how institutions are responding through informed communication strategies. You will get a peek into the communication team working within undergraduate admission at the University of Denver and get insight into the necessary partnerships to be successful in marketing to our future students.

Brand-Driven Messaging
Sometimes it can feel like the institutional brand is a burden—an immovable mountain of logo guidelines and messaging mandatories that get between you and your goals. It shouldn’t feel that way. In this session we’ll show you how your brand is an asset by covering how brand-infused communications can not only increase the quality of your leads- but increase your overall retention rate because you’ve drawn the right fit students.

In this session we’ll discuss:

  • Infusing the brand language and look/feel into your “must do” tactics
  • Creating tactics that convey brand/draw right fit students

11:45 AM-12:30 PM
Value Proposition
In this crowded, 21st century marketplace, and with higher education constantly under attack, how do enrollment managers effectively articulate the value of a college degree? What resonates with prospective students and their parents? Hear how enrollment marketing leaders at Ursinus College, a liberal arts college in southeastern Pennsylvania, authentically deliver their value proposition, and the positive feedback and results they have garnered to date.

Working Lunch and Case Study: The Campus Visit
At the University of Pittsburgh, students who visit campus are 25% more likely to deposit. Here’s some insight on how to provide service to 70,000 tech-savvy students, demanding parents, and curious school counselors each year. A boxed lunch will be provided at this time.

Horizon Issues
Just like the sunset, what we see in the future changes each day. Where should we, as professionals, focus our attention for the next year, five years, and the future?

Wrap-up and Future Planning
Let's finish where we started, and talk about the importance of the marketing enrollment relationship to our institutions, to the future of meeting enrollment goals, and to the overall health of our institutions.

Workshop Adjourns

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