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Virginia Carter Smith Scholarship Program

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Through the Virginia Carter Smith Scholarship program, CASE grants scholarships each year to cover registration fees at selected CASE conferences.

Application Deadline

The 2018 program will open May 28, 2018 and will close August 31, 2018.

Who Should Apply?

This program is for CASE members who have three or fewer years of advancement experience. Preference goes to professionals who are minorities and those who work at campuses with extremely limited resources. Scholarships are also available to those who have changed advancement disciplines (for example, moving from alumni relations to fundraising) in the last three years.

Scholarships are awarded based on:

  • The career potential and experience of the candidate,
  • The candidate's statement about the resources available for career development at his or her institution and
  • The candidate's ability to express himself or herself.

Entry Requirements

Nominations should come from direct supervisors. Once logged into the nomination process, nominators will be asked to upload the following:

  • Letter of recommendation from the nominee's supervisor
  • Current résumé for the nominee
  • Document with the nominee's responses to the following questions (each response should be 250 words or less)
      • The value you will get from attending a conference
      • The value your institution will get from your attending a conference
      • Your institutional resources and limitations on ability to attend

What the Scholarship Covers

Scholarships cover only the cost of the conference registration. The recipient or the institution is responsible for travel and hotel costs.

Note: Scholarships are not available for CASE Summer Institutes, the CASE Summit for Leaders in Advancement or CASE district conferences.