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CASE Europe Scholarships for fundraisers

Attendees at the CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) - Spring Institute in Educational Fundraising 2015

We know how difficult it can be coming up with unique fundraising ideas or even ways to fundraise if you're new to the discipline or philanthropy within education and the cultural sector. If you're looking for courses, ideas and best practices, how do you make sure they're suitable for your university? And, once you've started to develop your team, how do you engage your senior leadership team and colleagues to create a culture of philanthropy that promotes the thinking needed to develop long-term solutions for your university?

CASE Europe provides a series of educational programmes and events designed to promote best practice from within the sector - helping you, and your senior leadership and senior management teams, to develop your fundraising and philanthropy efforts so you can take them to the next level. We even offer bespoke solutions specific to, and at, your institution.

We understand that with the start of the new financial year, you will be looking at your spending and where you can most effectively use your resources to advance your institutions and deliver results for your vice chancellor, academic community and fellow directors and heads of departments. Both the CASE on Campus educational programme and the Development for Deans and Academics have been designed to bolster support for fundraising within your institution to demonstrate to your senior leadership the benefits of a high performing fundraising team.

Through the Review of Philanthropy in UK Higher Education, funding has been made available to provide scholarships for universities looking for new fundraising ideas, fundraising courses and development opportunities for their fundraising teams.

With a CASE Europe scholarship you can:

Scholarship numbers are limited. To take advantage of the funding, apply today.

  • If you would like to discuss how the scholarships could benefit your institution in more detail, please contact the CASE Europe team and we will be happy to respond to your enquiry.

CASE Europe Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria

  1. Scholarships are for senior leaders (vice-chancellors, senior academics and directors/heads of professional services)
  2. The university/institution must be a CASE member and must be a higher education institution
  3. You must be based in the UK
  4. The CASE on Campus must be delivered before the end of June 2016
  5. Only one scholarship can be awarded per institution
Other scholarships available for 2015/ 2016: