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Programme - Social Media and Community Conference

Thursday 30 March

09:00 - 09:45

Registration and refreshments

09:45 - 10:15

Welcome from the chairs 

Marie-Rose Delauzun, Digital Communications Manager, Advancement, London Business School
Dave Musson, Senior Online Communications Officer (social media), University of Warwick

10:15 - 11:15

The Digital Difference: Sharing Your Unique Story

In a sector where everyone starts to sound the same, how do you share the unique voice of your university? Do you save your "best stuff" for Clearing? Are you still afraid of Snapchat? It's time to be brave, bold, and bright on social media. Join Eric as he shares the latest tactics, tools, tips, and technology to enhance your digital engagement.

Eric Stoller, Education consultant & blogger, Inside Higher Ed

11:15 - 11:45

Refreshment break and networking

11:45 - 12:45

Parallel sessions 1 (choose from):

1.Student Voice - Creating a student ambassador programme

The University of Glasgow Social Media team are encouraging students to find their own voice and giving them the tools and freedom to create authentic content. In this session they will share how they created the programme on a tight budget, recruited the right students and set objectives. They will also discuss the future of working alongside students to develop engaging content for digital channels.

Daniel Marrable, Senior Social and Digital Media Officer, & Emma Gilmartin, Social and Digital Media Manager, University of Glasgow, UK

2. Social media for a postgraduate audience - is it any different?

• Who are postgraduate students? Myth-busting about the audience
• Are postgraduate students any fun?
• Is brand more important at postgraduate level?
• How do you create a sense of belonging when you only have a student for a short period of time?
• How early should you start recruiting for postgraduate study?
• What channels and content work for postgraduate students?

Sophie Camp, Web and Social Media Executive, London Business School and Hannah Park, Social Media Manager, Cranfield University

12:45 - 13:45

Networking lunch

13:45 - 14:30

Showcase session: 
The Brave, The Bold and The Foolhardy

When should you be Brave? Join Jo Redfern and Emma Bridge as they give you some HE and commercial examples of being brave in the world of social media. They will explore the impact - positive and negative - of taking a risk, when is the best time to do it and who do you need to get on board before you do. The seminar will finish with a case study of a social campaign designed by the University of Bradford called "Don't go to Bradford".

Emma Bridge, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications, The University of Bradford.

Jo Redfern, Managing Director, Education Cubed

14:30 - 14:50

Refreshment break and networking

14:50 - 16:00

Workshop: How to build an infographic

During this fast-pace course you'll be guided through the process of preparing and building an infographic. The session will begin with a short overview, before attendees break into groups and, using pre-prepared information, will build the basic structure of an infographic. The focus will be on the message and audience, with groups finishing the session with a wireframe or sketch of an infographic.

This course is perfect for anyone commissioning graphic design work, or looking for some help in tacking their information, before building their own.

Caroline will also recommend online tools and share a link to download useful resources and session notes. 

Caroline Beavon

Information Design, Infographics and Data consultant 

16:00 - 17:30

Free time 

17:30 - 19:00


Join us in an open, fast-paced and participant-driven discussions with your peers.
What is an unconference?

At an unconference anyone can pitch ideas for sessions - whether it is something you could lead a discussion on or just something you'd like to hear discussed. If enough people are interested, the session happens. The session can be as specific or broad as you like!

How will it work at CASE SMC?

For our mini pre-dinner unconference, co-chair Dave Musson will explain how everything works, before throwing it open to the floor for people to pitch their ideas. We'll then quickly assign each idea to a table and you can pick whichever you're most interested in.

What if the session doesn't turn out how I'd hoped?

In that case, you can use the rule of two feet; feel free to leave a session or join one after it has started.

How do I pitch an idea?

You can either pitch your session on the evening itself or send it to us in advance and we'll pitch it for you (although it's far more fun when you do it yourself!).

Dave Musson, senior online communications officer (social media), University of Warwick

19:00- 20:00

Networking activity: Flight up the British Airways Brighton i360 with glass of Nyetimber


Two course dinner, Grand Hotel
Friday 31 March 

09:10 - 10:10

Plenary: Everything you need to know about Vlogging!

• Introduction to the history of vlogging and why it works
The difference between a YouTuber and a Business Vlogger
• What vlogging can do for a business
Raising visibility and credibility through video
• Vlogging as part of a social media campaign
Reaching the right audience with your video
• Video types and trends
Where does your audience hang out?
• Stepping out as your brand
Speaking with an authentic voice
• Audience connection
The secret of how to connect on a deeper level to build up a returning audience
• Camera confidence
A few tips on how to build up your confidence before you go on camera

Mi Elfverson, Video Producer and Founder, The Vlog Academy

10:10 - 10:30

Refreshment break and networking

10:30 - 11:30

Parallel sessions (choose from):

1.#Lboro2Rio - Team Loughborough's Olympic Campaign

Loughborough University has a global reputation for sport dating right back to our inception in 1909. Sport galvanises much of our community and sparked our strapline ‘Inspiring winners since 1909' - Loughborough people work hard, play hard and have a team spirit that impacts on everything we do.
With a bold new stakeholder engagement strategy, led by the VC and focused on building profile and reputation, the Olympics and Paralympics offered an amazing opportunity for the University to raise its profile and to harness the advocacy and support of the entire #LboroFamily.
This visual and interactive session will look at the key role social media, video and web played in delivering a campaign that exceeded expectations across the board and at the impact this has had on strategy development.
Learn lessons on practical ways to engage your audiences, how to leverage the power of alumni and how to use advocacy networks to support your institution's objectives. With practical tips, ideas and innovative approaches, this session will provide plenty of good ideas to build into your own campaigns. You don't have to be sporty to be inspired!

Emma Leech, Director of Marketing and Advancement, University of Loughborough


2. Sassing, not shushing: How the Library uses conversation and compassion to foster a sense of community and become a key player on social media at the University of Warwick

Ever been told ‘the Library is the Heart of the University Community'? Just saying it does not make it so! Yes, our students hang out in the Library all the time; yes, we are open 24 hours a day; yes, we are geographically in the middle of campus - but we must be proactive in turning just physical occupation into a thriving and supportive community. Social media is the perfect platform to engage our segmented audience.
Sam, Nuala, and Hannah will offer insight into how the Social Media Working Group at Warwick University's Library aims to connect students with information, support and their community. This talk will cover the successes and challenges they face with running multiple social media platforms, engaging internal teams, and boosting the Library's "sassy" presence in the University's social media landscape.

Sam Platts,  Marketing and Communications Officer, the Library, University of Warwick
Hannah Hickman,  Community Engagement Officer (Undergraduate and Teaching), the Library, University of Warwick
Nuala Clarke, Community Engagement Officer (Postgraduate) the Library, University of Warwick

11:30 - 12:15

Showcase Sessions

12:15 - 13:15


13:15 - 14:30

Workshop: The Future Is Online Advertising: Achieving ROI With Paid Social

Hopefully you are winning the argument that the majority of advertising spend for student recruitment, marketing and public relations should now be made online (especially with mobile), switching budgets away from traditional print media etc. In this workshop Matthew will focus on the opportunities for paid promotion using Social Media, exploring the opportunities for extending reach and engagement with a budget, small or large, and the benefits of doing so.

Matthew will give an overview of some of the options available and examples of best practice (primarily with Facebook & Instagram), while touching on campaign development strategies, content, attribution and analytics etc.

It is appreciated that some of those attending will have some knowledge of online advertising, while others will not. The workshop will therefore include (as much as time will allow) some practical exercises and opportunities for sharing ideas and experience, plus some ‘quick-fire' tips and insights to take away, to research and implement afterwards.

Matthew D'Arcy, Director, Click-Recruit-Enrol and EMCdigital

14:30 - 14:50

Refreshments break and networking

14:50 - 15:50

Parallel sessions (choose from):

1. International Social Media - how to manage and prioritise your overseas presence

From WeChat to Whatsapp, join and contribute to our informal panel discussion around international social media: Find out who is using what channels in what regions, how to prioritise when you have little resource, and how to keep your content aligned whilst giving regions their own voice.

Charlotte Sweet, Social Media Manager, University of Exeter
Lorna Pontefract , Alumni Officer - Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Westminster
Sophie Good, Digital Marketing Officer, Herriot- Watt University
Emma Gilmartin, Social and Digital Media Manager, University of Glasgow

2.Creating conversations on LinkedIn: how and why'
For universities, LinkedIn can be an undernourished social platform. With LinkedIn expanding into blogging, thought leadership, and educational content, how can universities make the most of the platform? This session will explore how universities can use the world's biggest professional network to highlight their academics' expertise, engage with their alumni and provide support for their students.

Charles Hardy, Linkedin and Joe Field, Social Media Manager, Sheffield Hallam university

15:50 - 16:30

Closing activity


 Conference close