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Programme - Aspire: Small Teams, Big Impact

Thursday 3 May 2018

09:00 Registration and Refreshments

09:30 Introduction and Welcome
Bruce Bernstein, Executive Director Global Engagement, CASE Europe

09:40 Small Team Truths: Opening Remarks from Conference Chairs
Jo Ballantine, Director of Development, The Royal Latin School
Maarten Vervaat, Director of University Outreach & Advancement, The American University of Paris

10:30 Leading the Team: Understanding Individual Styles
To be a successful educational fundraising professional, you need to build a team that bridges Advancement staff, academics, and the business people who are likely to be donors. In this session I will talk about both individual differences and differences between these group and share tips on how to get them to collaborate more effectively.
Randall Peterson, Professor of Organisational Behavior, Deputy Dean, London Business School

11:30 Refreshment Break

11:45 Breakout Session (choose one)

1. Alumni Relations - How to Manage a Volunteer Led Approach to Alumni Relations
Gregory Wilkinson, Alumni Relations Manager, Guildhall School of Music & Drama

2. Between Scylla and Charybdis: In Search of a Compelling Case for Support
Fundraising 101: it all starts with a compelling Case for Support but why is it so important and why does it often take such an effort and so much time to formulate a good one. This session will explore the path to a compelling Case while navigating between institutional priorities and donor motivations. 
Maarten Vervaat, Director of University Outreach & Advancement, The American University of Paris

3. Small Team, Big Voice: Storytelling for Impact
Storytelling is an intrinsic part of fundraising and relationship building; we do it instinctively with our alumni, donors and prospects. This session will reflect on using a storytelling approach to connect more deeply with those around us, and to place our organisation at the heart of the stories people tell about themselves. We'll look at how to use stories as an engine for commitment, stories as gifts, and story mapping as techniques to breathe new life into your key relationships. What story do you want people to tell about your organisation? What role do you want them to play in it? How do you both want the story to end? You have the power to decide!
Jo Ballantine, Director of Development, The Royal Latin School

12:45 Lunch

13:30 The Special Relationship: Leaders and Development Directors
As the search for alternative funding becomes increasingly important to the strategic development of our institutions, the relationship between institutional Leaders and their Development Directors has become more intensive. A smooth collaboration between directors and their leaders is crucial to our success in advancing the institution's mission and securing support from our donors. Strategic alignment, agenda management, cocktail and dinner parties and extensive travel put the special relationship between leaders and directors to the test. Join us for a session in which Leadership and Development Directors share their secrets for success.
Jane Clubley, Development Director, Dame Allan's Schools
David Hudson, Headteacher, The Royal Latin School
Natalie Lloyd, Head of Development and Supporter Engagement and Associate Director, Keele University 

14:15 Meet the Donor - Motivations, What Really Matters and the Best Way to Lose a Gift?
In this session, the Royal Academy of Music Head of Individual Giving, Kurstin Finch Gnehm, will interview the RAM's long-time donor and volunteer Mark Elliott. You'll find out more about:

• What advantages small charities have over large charities in acquiring and keeping donors
• How and when close relationships with staff matter to donors
• Small, simple things you can do to ensure donors feel valued and appreciated
• Common fundraising pitfalls (what you do that makes donors cringe)
• What one thing you could do to increase gift size or frequency
• How donors think about small charities with limited resources when planning their giving
Kurstin Finch Gnehm, Head of Individual Giving and Patrons' Programmes, Royal Academy of Music
Mark Elliott, President, CITAC Africa LLP

15:00 Refreshment and Networking Break

15:15 Breakout session 2 (choose one)

1. How to be Creative in Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is essential for alumni relations and fundraising. The basic steps will be presented to develop a strategic plan and set KPI's to make an operational plan that is feasible for you or your team. With this plan one can set tasks and priorities and measure the performance.
Carolyn Wever, Director Alumni Relations and University Foundation, University of Amsterdam

2. Fly on Wall Role Play: Making the Ask

Nina Cohen Bohn, Director of Philanthropy, City Lit
Barbara Macpherson, Director of Philanthropy, Royal Academy of Music

Richard Brow, Chief Development Officer, Aga Khan University
Court Clayton, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

16:00 How to Start and Succeed in a one Person Alumni Relations and Fundraising Team
A year after starting at Southampton Solent University the team and budget has doubled. Was it all down to a good strategy or are there other factors at
play? In this session Robert will share with you his first-hand experience of starting a small shop alumni relations and fundraising programme from an almost blank sheet of paper.
Robert Wayman, Alumni Relations and Philanthropy Manager, Southampton Solent University

16:45 Closing Remarks

17:00 Conference Ends