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Asking Workshop 2018

June 7, 2018
Friends House, Euston
London, United Kingdom

Of the many aspects within the fundraising life-cycle, solicitation and making the ask can be the most daunting for any advancement professional. Getting this part right makes all the difference when engaging with donors.

Attending the Asking Workshop will inspire you to find new ways of engaging with your donors through team-based exercises that take you through the life-cycle of cultivation, from identification of a donor through to solicitation and beyond.

Chaired by Mary Haworth, Director of Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni, University of York, and Stephanie Lear, Head of Individual Philanthropy, University of Bath, the Asking Workshop is a combination of theory and interactive role-plays that will leave you feeling confident and equipped to successfully 'make the ask' as part of your fundraising strategy.


Join us!

  • Discover how to interact with your donors through a combination of theory and role-play exercises
  • Learn words, phrases and develop meeting plans that will help you to be successful
  • Experience first-hand how others do it right (and wrong!)


The main objectives for participants are:

• Become more confident and gain experience in making the ask

• Learn words, phrases and develop meetings plans that will help you be successful

• Experience at first-hand how others do it right (and wrong!) and meet other fundraisers across the sector.

Who should attend?

This seminar is suitable for fundraising professionals seeking to develop their skills and confidence, as well as new approaches to interacting with donors and soliciting support for your institution. The conference is most valuable for newcomers and those new to making an ask.