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Asia-Pacific International Fundraising Study Tour

Oct. 30 - Nov. 3, 2017

Beijing, China and Hong Kong SAR, China

This is a two-city tour and international fundraising seminar designed for 20-25 development, alumni and membership professionals at educational, arts and other non-profit organizations to learn how to mount an international advancement program aimed at principal gifts donors, alumni or subscribers and friends, with a focus on China's evolving restrictions around soliciting gifts. We start with a one-day fundraising conference at Yale Center Beijing, then tour sites in Beijing and Hong Kong including a visit to the Great Wall.

Potential topics could include:

In Beijing
1. New PRC laws and effects on NGOs
2. The new Chinese wealth and its impact on philanthropy outside of China
3. Implications of foreign donations in China like the one from Steve Schwarzman
4. Legal limitation on asset transfers out of China due to currency control regimes
5. Latest trends on charitable giving to educational causes in China


In Hong Kong
1. Family offices and their potential impact on generational philanthropic giving
2. Giving abroad versus giving domestically (in China)
3. Foundation giving versus individual philanthropy in Hong Kong
4. Non-educational giving (arts, social welfare, political, etc.) in Hong Kong
5. Donor fatigue among the Hong Kong prospects

Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn how to create an international advancement program for your organization
  • Gain the confidence to take the program you have to the next level
  • Connect with colleagues at leading private and public universities and organizations to expand your network and learn best practices
  • Learn about Chinese philanthropy and the rules to secure donations from Chinese nationals, on a tour that includes visits to iconic places and institutions in Beijing and Hong Kong