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Making the Ask Workshop: Fall Session


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Day 1, Wednesday, Oct. 24

12:30-1:30 PM

Welcome and Introductions
Meet the faculty and discuss what you hope to "take away" from our time together. Please come with a list of questions.

The Anatomy of the Ask: Breaking It Down and Rules of the Road
Let's demystify the idea of "making the ask" by talking about the basics. A solicitation doesn't need to be anxiety-provoking! Discuss the criteria that need to be in place before we are ready to talk about money. And, as importantly, let's make sure that our prospects are ready to be asked. We will compile a high-level check list and review the donor engagement cycle to use as a guide for the conference.

Your Role as the Gift Officer: Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!
There is much more to the ask than just "the question." Discuss the difference between research and preparation and review the steps needed in advance of your meeting. Who will make the ask? For how much and for what purpose? Who else should be there? Have you prepared you own "elevator" speech? Addressing these questions (and more) will increase your likelihood for success.

Getting Your Foot in the Door and Role Play Scenarios 
You can't make an ask if you can't get in front of your prospects. The faculty will talk about best (and creative) practices for securing and confirming appointments. Be prepared with 2-3 prospects in mind to practice getting the appointment. 

Conference Adjourns for the Day
Dinner on your own
Sign-up for small group dine-arounds at the conference Registration Desk.

Informal Group Networking Happy Hour at Hotel Bar
Before heading to dinner on your own or with a small group dine-around (sign-ups at registration desk), join your fellow conference attendees at the hotel bar for an informal networking happy hour.

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Day 2, Thursday, Oct. 25

8:00-8:45 AM
Breakfast Roundtables

Introduction of Role Play Activity

Small Groups and Role Play Activity
We will divide the groups by peer institution type and work through a series of solicitation scenarios in a workshop environment.
Each group will cover:

  • Securing and preparing for an appointment
  • The introductory visit
  • Making an ask—annual giving, major gift, planned gift, etc.
  • Overcoming objections
  • The negotiation: Part art, part science
  • Soliciting with a partner (i.e. dean, volunteer)
  • Follow up to the personal call

Large Group Discussion
The group will reconvene for discussion and continued conversation about a variety of solicitation scenarios. What worked or didn't work in your small role-play scenarios? We will continue to add to our list of best practices, tools and tips that will give you confidence as your prepare for any personal visit.

11:45 am-NOON 
Conference Wrap-up and Final Q&A
Bring your last questions to the table...wrap up with faculty and with your peers.

Conference Adjourns

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Day 1 Day 2