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Become a Host University - CASE Europe Graduate Trainee Scheme

Why should I host a graduate trainee?

Benefit from the bright and enthusiastic high-calibre graduates that CASE recruits for the Scheme. The Scheme a great way for institutions to spot and retain talent and many go on to employ their trainees on a permanent basis following completion of the Scheme.

The CASE Europe Graduate Trainee Scheme establishes a strong base of future major gift fundraisers and development directors, ensuring the ongoing growth in fundraising capacity, voluntary gifts and philanthropy to the education sector. 

Host institutions seeking talented and high-calibre individuals can use the Scheme as a way to identify talented and passionate fundraising staff interested in educational philanthropy.

Current host institutions and organisations:

Those currently on the CASE Europe Educational Fundraising Graduate Trainee Scheme have taken up graduate trainee placements at the following universities or organisations;

Imperial College London

University of Bristol

University of Reading

Dublin City University

University of Cardiff

King's College London

Natural History Museum

University of Oxford

University of Surrey

University College London

"We know we're getting the best of the best, - hopefully the development directors of the future"

Greg Spencer, Deputy Director of Development, Cardiff University - Graduate Trainee host

Host institutions provide their graduate trainee with a 50-week contract during which time the graduate trainee will undertake assignments and projects that will provide develop their core fundraising skills and enable the graduate trainee to rotate through at least three areas of a development office. The host university provides a senior member of staff to oversee the trainee's development programme and this person reports back to CASE Europe on the trainee's development.

Host institutions cover the trainee's basic annual salary (£18,000 or £20,000 (with London weighting)) and contribute £7,500 toward the recruitment and training of the graduate trainees.

What are the requirements for hosting a Graduate Trainee?

Host institutions must meet the following criteria:

  • The development office should be well-established with continuity and strong leadership.
  • The office should have typically at least ten full time equivalent positions.
  • The office must contain at least four of the below distinct teams or functions:
  1. Regular giving
  2. Major gifts
  3. Trusts and foundations
  4. Alumni relations
  5. Operations
  • A staff training programme must be in place within the development office.
  • An experienced manager within the office is able to take responsibility for the management of the graduate trainee for the 50 week contract. The managers responsibilities will include:
  1. Coordination with CASE Europe on recruitment
  2. Planning the programme for the trainee
  3. Working with CASE mentors on the progression of the trainee
  4. Supporting other line managers who the trainee will be working with
  5. Holding performance reviews
  • The institution must be achieving a fundraising performance of moderate/ established/elite as identified in the Ross-CASE survey.
  • The institution must cover the cost of the trainee's salary (minimum £18-20k), any related costs, and contribute toward the maintenance and administration of the Scheme.

If you are interested in becoming a host institution, please contact Leigh Cleghorn, Deputy Director, CASE Europe, on 020 7448 9940 or email