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CASE Europe Graduate Trainee: Emily Pratt

Emily Pratt

Name: Emily Pratt

University from which you've graduated:
University of East Anglia

Degree subject:

Which societies/sports clubs were you a member of:
Netball society and yoga society.

Home town:

Host institution:
Imperial College London

Why did you apply to the graduate trainee scheme?
I had been a student caller and supervisor on my university's call campaign for three years and was looking for an opportunity to build on the experience I had gained, the regular giving officer at my institution pushed me to apply for the scheme (despite my moments of self-doubt), and I haven't looked back since. I applied to the CASE graduate trainee scheme, in particular, because of the variety which I feel it offers. The opportunity to move between departments, and understand how all of the elements of a development office interact and support each other, is an opportunity few are afforded.
What are you hoping to achieve from your year on the scheme? I hope to better understand the intricacies of the work that Imperial College do and be a successful advocate for their research. To understand the sector more fully and discover where my skills fit best within it. Finally, to be left in a position where I can fundraise face-to-face to a good standard and feel confident moving forward into the sector.
What are you career ambitions?
In my first and second year of university I undertook summer internships, one a marketing internship at ‘Shopper Anonymous', the other a grant and foundation fundraising internship at ‘The Norfolk Broads Authority'. Both were invaluable in shaping my knowledge, skills and decisions about my future career path. My career ambitions are to continue to learn and adapt to the changing development sector. Secondly, to work at an institution which I genuinely feel passionate about and can act as an advocate of. Lastly, to find a position which continues to challenge me, ideally with elements of face-to-face fundraising.

What are you hobbies/activities outside of study/work?
Yoga, bullet journaling, cooking.

Proudest moment?
Receiving my degree. There's something about having your family and friends support you, as you are awarded the culmination of 3 years work, that can't quite be paralleled.

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