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CASE Europe Graduate Trainee: Alex Parker

Alex Parker

Name: Alex Parker

University from which you've graduated:
Cardiff University

Degree subject:
Philosophy and Politics

Which societies/sports clubs were you a member of:
1st/2nd team Cardiff University Basketball team in my first year only, Athletic club member and competitor in Long Jump, Triple Jump and 100m, Treasurer of Cardiff University Windsurf Club in 2nd year and competitor through all years.

Home town:
Didcot in Oxfordshire is my home town, live in a little village on the periphery called West Hagbourne.

Host institution:
Cardiff University

Why did you apply to the graduate trainee scheme?
Having been applying to various graduate jobs since just before Christmas, I had attended many job interviews and assessment centre days in a wide variety of fields. Having never really felt that any really suited what I was after, it was then that I saw the CASE grad opportunity. The idea of working to fundraise for a very Just and charitable cause whilst also getting out of the office and meeting people face to face appealed to me, as it's something I can get passionate about, and enjoy.

What are you hoping to achieve from your year on the scheme?
To develop a wide range of new skills to suit the role and gain insight and experience in the sector itself. Meet a range of new and interesting people both in and out of the sector and more generally grow as an individual away from the life of a student and into the life of a working member of society. Would love to build some great contacts and some great relationships through-out my time on the scheme.

What are you career ambitions?
To be a successful Leadership fundraiser for Cardiff University and to progress onwards and upwards with my career, whilst still maintaining job enjoyment and being passionate about what I do.

What are you hobbies/activities outside of study/work?
Am an avid surfer and competitive windsurfer, and am also beginning to dip into skating too (certainly only dip though a lot of work required there!). Love getting out and to the beach, regardless of weather, and enjoy going for runs and sometimes a bit of track athletics. Away from sport I do love to game here and there and love to travel with my hobbies.

Proudest moment?
Windsurfing in a competitive race against the two RS-X Windsurf Olympians, Nick Dempsey and Bryony Shaw, who had won at the time Olympic silver and bronze medals respectively. Admittedly I only saw them at the start line, as I was nowhere near them round the course, but still a big moment for me.

Anything else?
I think it would be worth highlighting that fundraising experience, although certainly useful, is not directly required for the role or to apply. Having only ever fundraised for myself for a month long charitable expedition to Tanzania, raising £4,000, back in AS level. It is more about your interpersonal skills, and how you hold a conversation, than necessarily your previous experiences. My work experience prior to this involved teaching windsurfing abroad and at home, thus, I would recommend anyone who enjoys talking to new and different people to consider the CASE grad scheme.

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